‘Spider-Man’ game review: Feel like a superhero in PS4 exclusive

YP reader Meagan Chung Ming-yan

Battle against Wilson Fisk, Electro and other classic Spidey villains in a beautiful recreation of New York City

YP reader Meagan Chung Ming-yan |

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'Spider-Man' the video game will pit you against Mister Negative, Rhino and other supervillains.

In an action-adventure game, detailed graphics and an entertaining storyline are the key to a ‘marvellous’ game. PS4’s Spider-Man manages to nail both these areas with great production values and a stellar writing team.

The game starts with a fight against Kingpin, Spidey’s powerful nemesis who is in charge of his own gang. The game teaches you all the basics through a boss fight, which you isn’t too hard and won’t feel like the game’s suddenly dropping you into the deep end of the pool.

The tutorial boss fight is actually the start of an epic series of showdowns with many classic Spider-Man villains such as Electro, Vulture, and Rhino. Developer Insomniac Games has also included a new super-villains called Mister Negative, who serves as the main antagonist throughout the adventure.



There are also a few stealth missions for both Spidey and romantic foil Mary Jane Watson, which contrasts nicely with the active combat missions.

Speaking of gameplay, Spider-Man really makes you feel like you’re in the story yourself, from solving the mysteries of the mask-wearing Demons to figuring out all the secrets of gigantic corporation Oscorp. The combat is super smooth as well and you’ll have a fun time knocking baddies flat on their backs.

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The open-world environment is also a fantastic feature, meaning that you always have a choice to do some side missions if you’re tired of advancing the main storyline. Take down petty criminals or race through a time trial for some variety to your day as Spidey.

Can’t get enough of the splendiferous game? Don’t worry, there’s are also three downloadable content packs to work through after the main game, including Silver Lining where you will work together with Silver Sable to save the city from a new threat. You don’t even have to get up and buy it from stores! Just go to the PS4 store, and boom! More Spidey content, at your fingertips.

Although the game is almost perfect, there are some flaws that could be improved on. For example, the open world events can become repetitive, and some iconic movie and comic book villains aren’t in the game, (e.g. Venom and Sandman.) All in all though, it’s a splendid game and worth every penny.