Best .io games of 2020 so far

These simple browser games are excellent for short bouts of stress relief and fun

Jamie Lam |

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Play as a chicken egg with a grudge in 'Shellshockers'.

Sometimes, you just need a break. For those moments when your brain just doesn’t want to focus on anything serious any more, here are some of the best .io games out there.


Play as a fragile but intrepid chicken egg in this 3-D first-person shooter. Equip powerful weapons such as the "Scrambler" shotgun or the deadly "Free Ranger" sniper rifle, and then head into the arena to hunt down eggs of the other team. You’ll need eggscellent aim and nerves of shell if you want to come out on top. ( 

Put your drawing skills to the test in this quick online alternative to Pictionary! When it’s your turn, choose one of three words and try to get the idea across by drawing a picture within 80 seconds. Conversely, try to guess the word from other players’ drawing as quickly as possible to earn more points. (

Suck up everything as a black hole menace in 'Hole'.
Photo: Screencap

If you’ve ever wanted to be a black hole of death that sucks up everything along its path, is for you. As you consume various objects such as trees, buildings, and even people(!), you will grow larger in size. That’s where the real fun begins because then you can try to eat other black holes controlled by human players. Who knew being a giant space vacuum could be so fun? (

The .io game that started it all, you control a cell that must grow by eating agar (a vegetable gelatin that is commonly used to grow bacteria). As you get bigger, you will gain the ability to absorb smaller cells (controlled by other players), split into multiple cells and try to become king of the Petri dish that you are all stuck in. (

Temtem game tips: Complete guide to all status conditions and effects

Play as a salty seadog in this pirate-themed top-down free-for-all brawl. Pick up a variety of melee weapons and try to whack all the other scallywags to steal their gold and grow in size and power. Give no quarter and rule the seven seas in this simple battle royale game that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. (


A top-down battle royale game where you fight to be the last man standing, you play as a simple circle with a penchant for mayhem. Similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the playing field shrinks as time passes which forces players to confront each other or die. Various weapons are littered across the battlefield and the final survivor is king of the hill. (

'Zombs Royale' is a simple top-down battle royale game.
Photo: Screencap

Start as a tiny worm and chomp down on the scattered food to grow bigger. As you slither around the battlefield, you need to grow faster than your opponents in order to be able to eat them before they eat you. Simple controls and a cutesy art style will keep you playing for far longer than you initially planned to! (