PlayStation 2 20th Anniversary: Best games to play on the system that won Sony the console war


The PS2, a sixth-generation console that competed against the Xbox, GameCube and Dreamcast, is the best-selling video game system of all time

Jamie Lam |

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The PlayStation 2 console turns 20 years old today and it (deservedly) holds the title of “most successful console ever” with more than 155 million units sold. Part of the sixth-generation of consoles, it was less powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox but won more fans because of its built-in DVD drive and larger catalogue of games.

It also outsold Nintendo’s Gamecube and Sega’s Dreamcast, both which suffered from some hardware limitations and lack of third party developer support. To wish the king of consoles a happy 20th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of must-play PS2 titles.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a masterpiece of tactical espionage action. Playing as special ops agent Solid Snake, players must navigate a tanker filled with terrorists to gain intel on a nuclear bi-pedal tank.

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The game is also known for introducing secondary protagonist Raiden, a floppy-haired boyband wannabe who was more flexible but not as tough as grizzled veteran Snake. Don’t die or Otacon will definitely shout “Snake! Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkeeeee!” at your dead corpse. Also, don’t forget to check out the sequel, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, in the HD remastered version as well.

Grand Theft Auto 3

The open world game that started the open world craze, Grand Theft Auto 3 put players in the shoes of a silent protagonist Claude who takes the Liberty City criminal underworld by storm. Receiving many accolades for its detailed game environment and for giving players the freedom to do whatever they want (many players wanted to lead the police on deadly citywide goose chases, btw), GTA 3 was truly a game changer. Although you can’t play GTA 3 on modern consoles, its sequel San Andreas can be played in the PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy X

Join sunny Blitzball star Tidus and his companions as they act as bodyguards for Yuna, a young summoner on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin. With revolutionary 3D graphics for its time, beautiful enemy designs, and humourous sidequests, Final Fantasy X remains the favourite entry in the venerable role-playing game series for many fans.

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If you decide to replay this epic game on the HD remastered edition, don’t forget to laugh out loud at Tidus’ really, really unnatural laugh.


Capcom’s enduring classic about an artistic white wolf that is the incarnation of the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu. Players can attack enemies by making brushstrokes on the screen, and also use the unique drawing mechanic to solve puzzles.

Hailed as one of the most beautiful and unique games of its time, Okami is also available on modern consoles in an HD remastered form.

Rachet and Clank

The very first adventure starring the anthropomorphic Lombax, Ratchet and the violent but surprisingly endearing robot Clank, debuted on the PlayStation 2. Featuring an incredible amount of cool weapons and numerous planets to explore, the dynamic duo must team up with clumsy superhero Captain Qwark to take down Chairman Drek of the nefarious Blarg race.

Experience the joy of saving the universe all over again in the PS4 reimagining of the first game, and remember to find all the hidden golden bolts to unlock more powerful versions of all your weapons.