Free Nintendo Switch 'Jump Rope Challenge' game: It’s fun to skip (virtually)

  • Jump virtual rope with your Joy-con controllers
  • Your avatar is a bunny rabbit in jogging clothes
Jamie Lam |

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Skip virtual rope in Nintendo's free game, 'Jump Rope Challenge'.

Nintendo has just released a free mini-game simply called Jump Rope Challenge on its E-shop online store. The gameplay is simple: you hold the Joy-cons as you would a real skipping rope handle and off your go. A counter on screen shows how many jumps you have made.

Your on-screen avatar is a cute little bunny rabbit in jogging clothes and hops along virtually as your complete your exercise. The game will keep track of how many jumps you have made each day and changes the background with a cool daily stock photo.

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There is also a ‘multiplayer’ mode of sorts. You can give a Joy-con to a friend and duke it out to see who can get the most jumps. It’s nothing groundbreaking but for the low low price of free, it might give you the little bit of motivation you need to get up off your couch and move around amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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