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4 awesome video games you should try in August 2020

  • We’ve included an old favourite in ‘Bloodborne’ and a review of new shooter ‘Valorant’
  • We have great picks for PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile gaming
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'Bloodborne' is an oldie but a goodie. (Photo: From Software)

Each month, we curate a list of four gaming experiences that absolute must-plays. This August, check out horror-themed action role-playing game Bloodborne or calming puzzler Kami 2.


Deep combat system and masterful boss design make this oldie a goodie.

Check out our review here and buy a copy here .


Team-based shooter from the developer of League of Legends has a great variety of agents and awesome super abilities.

Check out our review here and download it here for free .

Kami 2

Freemium mobile puzzle game is inspired by origami. Its simple mechanics and beautiful design is calming during a bit of down time.

Check out our review and download it on the Apple App store or Google Play today.

Sky: Children of the Light

This wonderful title focuses on exploration and cooperation, as you work to rescue spirits who have lost their memories.

Check out our review and download it for both Apple and Android devices.

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