‘Radical Rabbit Stew’ game: Whack bad bunnies on Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC

  • Retro 16-bit action puzzler is inspired by Super Nintendo-era ‘Legend of Zelda’
  • A competitive multiplayer mode is also included for couch co-op fun
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Whack evil rabbits in 'Radical Rabbit Stew'.

Grab your giant spoon and play a galactic game of whack-a-rabbit as you hunt ravenous rabbits across a variety of Legend of Zelda-inspired from Swedish developer Pugstorm AB.

Just about anything can happen in the wonderfully weird and retro Radical Rabbit Stew. But you’ll get on just fine if you’re able to use a variety of spoons with varying powers to beat the hordes of killer rabbits into pots scattered around the levels - and then cook up a delicious stew.

You don’t need a burning hatred of rabbits to enjoy this game, but it helps if you have a good sense of black humour.

Players also have to battle tricky bosses that use just about everything on the screen as ammunition, from bombs to - what else - nearby rabbits.

There are also puzzle elements in the game, where you’ll have to figure out what order to whack the rabbits in to find a way through the level.

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The game’s graphics are kept in a 16-bit retro look from the Super Nintendo era, so fans of older games are sure to enjoy it.

Those who don’t dare to face the rabbit hordes alone can take up the wooden spoon with a friend in co-op mode - and dole out twice the damage. Radical Rabbit Stew is available now for PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It costs around US$15 (HK$115).