'Pokemon GO' celebrates upcoming 'Pokemon HOME' integration with free Mystery Box

  • The cloud-based service allows you to transfer your pocket monsters between modern games, including 'Sword' and 'Shield'.
  • You will be able to view your collection on your Nintendo Switch and your smartphone
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Pokemon GO will be integrated to Pokemon HOME by the end of 2020.

Nintendo and Niantic have announced that Pokemon HOME, the cloud-based bank and Pokemon transfer service, will be integrated with mobile title Pokemon GO by the end of the year. Unfortunately, you will only be able to transfer your pocket monsters from GO into HOME and not the other way round. It will also be a one-way trip, as you cannot move them back into GO once you make your decision, so choose wisely.

To celebrate the upcoming feature upgrade, The Pokemon Company will be offering players a free Mystery Box after your first transfer to HOME from GO when the service goes live. If you open the box during the launch period, there’s a chance you’re get a rare Shiny Meltan.

Unfortunately, The Pokemon Company also dropped some bad news for GO fans. Some of the special temporary bonuses put in place because of Covid-19 restrictions will be rolled back, as social distancing rules are gradually being lifted. These are:

  • Eggs will have their hatch distance returned to normal
  • Your Buddy Pokemon will only bring you a gift once a day, when you are almost out of gifts
  • The incense bonus to effectiveness will only work if you are walking
  • The chance to get a gift at a PokeStop skin is still higher than normal, but there will no longer be a guaranteed gift

These lockdown-initiated bonuses will still be effect

  • Maximum carry limit for gifts is still above normal, at 20
  • Your first catch of the day will still nap you three times the Stardust and Experience Points
  • Incense will still last longer than the normal time, at 60 minutes
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