‘Dadish 2’ game review: Like a root vegetable ‘Finding Nemo’, and more challenging than you think

  • In this title from Catcup Games, you play a radish dad looking for your lost babies
  • The retro, 1980s-style graphics add to the appeal of this fun video game
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In search of his children, the radish dad winds up in many absurd places.

You might not think about it every day, but being a parent isn’t easy. It might explain why your folks sometimes get on your case. But they should try being a radish father.

It’s “bring-the-kids-to-work” day at the office, and you, dear radish dad, have just been hit with every parent’s worst nightmare.

Your many radish children have mysteriously disappeared and find themselves in awkward situations somewhere on, in or above the planet.

And so in Dadish 2, you find yourself hopping around, overcoming obstacles and traps, and exploring a strange world in search of your baby radishes.

Think Finding Nemo, but with root vegetables instead of clownfish.

There’s no time to catch your breath in this game. The journey through weird landscapes, offices, outer space and swamps is long and packed full of obstacles, traps and puzzles.

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The graphics are minimalistic and reminiscent of arcade games of the late 1980s. The music is composed individually for each level and is full of funny details: in the office level, for example, the creaking noise of old internet modems is used for rhythm.

The game is available for mobile (Android/iOS), Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Even though Dadish 2 all looks and sounds very childish, it’s actually pretty tricky. Our little radish hero is so often killed by traps or enemies that you’ll be glad that this dad has an infinite number of lives at his disposal.

If you don’t jump or dodge at the right moment, you’ll get your head cut off by ill-tempered cheeseburgers, deadly giant saw blades or giant marauding doughnuts.

It’s a rough world out their for radish dads.