7 shows all aspiring fashion designers should binge-watch on Netflix this Easter

These amazing programmes will make you want to apply to Parsons, Central St Martins or Scad immediately

Karly Cox |

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Are you a talented artist with creativity to spare? Thinking about going into fashion design once you finish school? While some people dismiss fashion as frivolous, everyone has to wear clothes, and all of us are influenced by fashion in some way, whether it's following trends, or creating our own style. 

Thanks to films like The Devil Wears Prada, a lot of people assume they know exactly what working in fashion is all about. While professionals admit some of that film is accurate, it's still fiction! 

Here are seven shows that portray different sides of the fashion industry, and some of its most famous players.


A look at the life of the 96-year-old fashionista who visited Hong Kong last year to share some words of wisdom, show off some of her most famous outfits, and offer a peek at what her crazy life is like. More than just a fashion film, Iris is a documentary that celebrates love, passion, enthusiasm, hard work, and following your heart and dream. 


This Japanese drama follows a smalltown young woman who lands a dream job in fashion in Tokyo, working for a boss who may visually channel Devil's boss-from-hell Miranda Priestley, but who is supportive and inspirational. There are the usual ups and downs to be expected of a J-drama without the snark you might expect from a similar Western show. Despite fashion being seen as a "girly" industry, there are relatively few famous female designers, so it's exciting to see a series about designers populated by women.

Cut From a Different Cloth

Further proof that fashion isn't just for women, this short film looks at Thor actor Idris Elba's foray into fashion collaboration with urban label Superdry. These feature also looks into how Superdry founders run their business, what is important to them, and the process behind creating and maintaining the Superdry image.

The True Cost

This documentary examines "fast fashion" - clothes that are inspired by haute couture fashion shows, then designed and manufactured quickly and inexpensively so mainstream consumers can be on trend even if they can't afford the price tags of high-end fashion. But the speed and price are often only possible because the garments are made by poor, overworked employees working in dangerous conditions for very little money. The fabric, too, can be problematic, as its production is often polluting. A thought-provoking look at the less glamorous side of the fashion industry.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

You may take them for granted, but many designers treat shoes as art, creating designs that would happily sit in a gallery or museum, as well as on our feet. Manolo Blahnik is one of the most famous names in shoe design, and in this film, he discusses his creative process and devotion to his craft, while some famous fans explain why he is important, not only to them, but to fashion as a whole.

Abstract: The Art of Design (Episode 2)

All the episodes of this original Netflix series are essential viewing for creative types, but the second episode focuses on footwear designer Tinker Hatfield, an architecture graduate who has designed some of Nike's most iconic trainers, including the Air Jordan series.


Not a fashion film per se, but redefining your image, and experimenting with looks form a major part of Clueless. That, and realising that while discovering your own style is important, what matters truly is what's inside. Plus, main character Cher has a "futuristic" wardrobe we wish furniture designers would just invent already!