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April's T-shirts of the month. Celebrate the awesomeness of the 80s

  • The second Wonder Woman movie, Wonder Woman 1984, has been pushed back from June to August. I'm really bummed, because the trailer was uh-mazingly 80s - the hairstyles! The fashion! The graphics! The music!
  • People get nostalgic for the decade of stone-washed denim, the Moonwalk and mullet hair cuts, even if they hadn't been born. Here's why.
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It was a really cool decade: Game Boys meant you could play video games on the go; VHS tapes (it's what we had before DVDs... which is what we had before Netflix) meant you could watch movies at home, not just at the cinema; and Walkmans meant you could take your music with you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone has Spotify on their phones now, but back then it was huge!

If you feel like unleashing your inner Stranger Things, and celebrating the great 80s, here are the T-shirts we think you'll enjoy wearing.

  1. Keep your distance

    The coronavirus pandemic isn't the first time 80s kids kept themselves locked away. When the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1983, gamers happily started social distancing so they could work on their Donkey Kong scores.

  2. You can tell everybody this is your song

    If you had a crush on someone in the 80s, you'd make them a mix tape: a cassette of songs that you thought they'd like. One of those tracks might become "your song" if you started going out. It was also really satisfying to stomp all over the tape if you broke up.

  3. Who you gonna call?

    One of the biggest films of the decade also had one of the 80s' biggest hits as its soundtrack. Ghostbusters had everyone playing at being parapsychologists with proton packs (or their parents' vacuum cleaner) strapped to their backs.

  4. Business in the front

    If you were cool in the 80s, you either had a rat's tail (short hair, with a tiny, skinny plait that you grew out) or a mullet, which was short at the front, and the back was long. People said it was "business at the front, party at the back". I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with this guy?

  5. On yer bike

    One thing that really makes 80s babies nostalgic when they watch Stranger Things is seeing the characters riding around on their bikes. That's exactly what life was like! (Minus all the weird supernatural stuff.) If you were really rad, you had a BMX, and you could do all sorts of tricks on it. Yeah, 80s kids broke a lot of bones.


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