6 free and instant ways to support charities from home

  • These platforms allow you to help fund-raise for worthy causes, even while self-isolating because of the coronavirus
  • Help refugees, endangered species, children in need, the environment, and more, with just the click of your mouse
Karly Cox |

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The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a lot of plans put on hold, sentenced people to weeks in their homes, and prevented family and friends from hanging out in real life. It's a bummer, we get it. But, on the plus side, the situation seems to be encouraging people to be a little kinder to themselves, and to others. 

Not everyone has the time or ability to take on large fund-raising projects - but there are ways we can all make a difference, with just a few minutes a day. We've put together a list of sites that support those in need, and all you have to do is click. 

Here are six of the easiest ways to donate to charities, or otherwise help those in need. You can do it while you wait for the kettle to boil, while you download Clash Royale, or while your next Netflix episode is loading. Save them to your bookmarks bar, and make a difference every day.

Now celebrating its 20th year of giving, The Hunger Site actually offers 10 ways to help in one. Supporting cancer, diabetes, literacy, autism, wildlife and, of course, hunger charities among others, this is a one-stop place to do good. Actually, it's a one-stop shop, too - there are loads of different products for sale, each purchase contributes even more funds to the causes. While usually you can click each sub-site once a day, they are currently letting users click once every six hours, to raise even more money.

Run by the World Food Programme, this is a great site if you're competitive, generous and want to learn. It offers a a range of quizzes, from English vocabulary and famous quotations to chemical symbols, flags of the world and, recently, coronavirus facts. For every question you get right, the site's sponsors send the cash equivalent of 10 grains of rice to the WFP. It may not sound like much, but the games are ADDICTIVE.

Established by printer company Brother, this site allows you to donate to a range of causes - from tree planting activities in China and reforestation in Slovakia, to conserving the manta ray population in Australia - with a single click (head to the "Click for the Earth" section). Granted, you can only click once a day, and the company only donates 1 yen per click, but you know what happens when lots of people donate a little, right?

Run by a Lebanese social enterprise, this site hosts a donor platform that raises funds from sponsors for five United Nations-approved charities, including those supporting children in conflict zones and refugees. You can click each of the causes once every 24 hours, and while it's not as speedy as The Hunger Site, it won't take you more than a minute.

Another quiz-based giving site, answering a daily trivia question funds an ocean clean-up group, and pays for a piece of plastic to be removed from the water. There's also a cool shopping section offering a range of plastic-free goods.

Whether or not you're an animal trivia buff, a daily visit to this site contributes pet food to hungry dogs and cats, even if you get the quiz question wrong! Stay a few seconds longer, and you can help feed cats at animal shelters and supply cat litter to animal shelters. Every little helps

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