Mother’s Day 2020 gifts that won’t break the bank

  • You may be quarantined or self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, but your mum still deserves a special day
  • Find a perfect present for her online – everything in our guide costs less than US$20!
Rhea Mogul |

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Give your mum something special - without spending all your cash

Mother’s Day is round the corner, and though this year’s celebrations might look a little different to most times because of social distancing and general Covid-19 precautions, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil your mum.

Here’s our budget-friendly, online-store-based gift guide for Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to make Mum smile, whatever her personality or hobbies.

For the green queen

Stainless steel straw set

Less waste, more styleIf your mum keeps a keen eye on the recycling, and is careful about the amount of waste produced at home, she’s sure to appreciate her own set of reusable straws she can take with her everywhere.

Buy one here

To-go market bag

It's retro, it's green, it will save on hundreds of plastic bagsIt’s frustrating when you’re trying to reduce plastic waste but still end up using those small plastic bags in supermarkets for fruit and vegetables. This mesh bag is a great alternative – and not just for fruit and veg shopping!

Buy one here

Stasher medium reusable silicone sandwich bag

Never use a dispoable sandwich bag again!These silicone bas are a great alternative to Ziploc bags. If your mum likes to take lunch to work, these will come in very handy (and if you borrow them for your own eats, so be it!).

Buy them here

For the interior decorator

Hong Kong cityscape print

Brighten up the walls with a stunning cityscapeA large poster is always a great gift and a print of one of the greatest cities in the world will make a great addition to any wall.

Buy one here

Year of memories photo frame

Fill the spaces with amazing momentsFill this minimalist frame with favourite moments from the last 12 months, and give you mum a gift like no other.

Buy one here

Grapefruit and ginger candle

And breeeaathe ...Who doesn’t love the smell of a candle when they open the front door? We’re certain your mum will appreciate this scented candle on her special day, and for weeks after.

Buy one here

For the booklover

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

One for the bookwormsThis New York Times Bestseller topped the list twice. It’s the title of choice for book clubs around the world. If your mum loves to read, she’ll love this (and love even more the gift of some time tor read it!)

Buy a copy here

Wondrous Women Who Changed the World by Jenny Jacoby

And your mum is one of them!A book that celebrates women like your mother – the powerful and inspiring – and comes with cute cut-out models to you can put together – together.

Buy one here

Little Letters of Love: Keep It Short and Sweet By Lea Redmond

An utterly unique treat that keeps on givingWrite your mum sweet, personalised letters that she can open throughout the year. Perfect if she appreciates gifts from the heart (and gets a little sentimental when you make something just for her).

Buy one here

For the spa-aholic

Rose hand cream from L’Occitane

For sweet-smelling, smooth, hard-working handsThis tube is the perfect size for a handbag and so your mum can use it on the go. Plus the rose scent will leave her smelling great for hours!

Buy one here

Therapie Himalayan detox salts

Give Mum something to help wash away her caresThese bath salts are the perfect way for your mum to recreate the luxury and calming effects of a spa day, without leaving home (especially while we have to practise social distancing).

Buy some here

Magnesium oil spray

Spray Mum’s aches and pains awayMagnesium is said to be great for rejuvenation and for skin renewal, and also praised for its effective relief from aches and pains.

Buy some here

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