5 tips for hosting the best online graduation party during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Social gatherings are cancelled due to Covid-19, but you can host a Zoom party with your friends and family and still have fun
  • An awesome playlist, good food, and a great backdrop can all help you celebrate the class of 2020
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You can still celebrate your graduation this year - just move it online!

You’ve been looking forward to this for roughly 18 years. It’s time for your family to celebrate the graduate. And what you had envisioned — family and friends filling the house, big ceremonies — has been docked due to Covid-19.

You can still have all the parties you want.

Maybe you have a family-focused Zoom (after all, Grandma doesn’t need to hear all the inside jokes from friends) and a huge one for friends. Now’s the time to get out of your cliques — invite everyone from your class, including all your besties as well as the kids you rarely got a chance to talk to.

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Make it a big and cohesive senior party, online.

You’re the host, so you need to do a little bit of advance work. Just like any other party, you’ll want to think through the decorations, the food, your outfit and — in our new normal — where to host online.

You can knock this out of the park if you want, and make it a moment to remember. Here are five ways to make it happen.

1. Create a Class of 2020 playlist

We aren’t talking about the Pomp and Circumstance march. Customise your party as much as possible. Once the guest list is set, ask each friend to contribute a favourite song or two to create a playlist that sets the tone and captures this moment. Don’t forget to throw in a retro classic. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin anyone? Share it on Spotify and have the perfect background sounds.

2. Dress for the party

You’ve been living in sweats for months. Now it’s time to pull it together and get dressed to party — and ask your guests to dress up. And just because it’s not an IRL party doesn’t mean you have to give up the fun accessories. Think graduation tiaras, or a graphic tee under that blazer.

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3. Create a backdrop and decorate in your school colours

Go all out on the wall that will be the background that your friends see. Set the on-screen scene for an awesome graduation party with a class of 2020 backdrop and colour-coordinated party balloons.

4. Eat ‘together’ with a coordinated food delivery

Get creative with dinner. Talk with the guests in advance to pick a favourite restaurant or food like Korean wings, Mexican or pizza, then coordinate delivery orders so that you can all and eat “together”. Dress up your meal with festive glitter graduation party picks.

5. Get everyone engaged

For an interactive party idea, play a trivia game about your classmates and school. The host asks the questions and the first person to text in the correct answer gets a point. Add up the scores and the winner gets a treat sent to them.

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