Father’s Day 2020 gift ideas that won’t break the bank

  • We’ve got everything from Yoda self-care to Pulitzer-winning novels and PS4 games
  • Whether your dad is into fitness, fashion or taking over family Zoom parties, there’s something here to suit him
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Get your dad something unexpected this year!

Father’s Day may still be two weeks away, but with social distancing rules, and postage delays still very much the norm, it’s worth getting ahead, and sorting something special for your dad this week!

For the handy dad Everything you need in a teeny, weeny package

Swiss Army knives are great, but bulky. A Swiss card offers many of the same tools, in a credit-card-sized, 26g package. Buy one here.

If he’s bookish...

This won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2020If Pops loves to read, pick him up a copy of this year’s Pulitzer-winning novel The Nickel Boys. Not only will a literature-loving enjoy an opportunity for critical appreciation, this exploration of the Black American experience is timely reading for anyone trying to educate themselves on the current protests.

Buy one here.

If he’s cookish ...

Keep him sharp in more ways than oneMake sure he’s getting the most out of his key kitchen tools, but treating him to a knife sharpener. And cover all bases, by choosing one with separate slots for different types of blades.

Buy one here.

For fashion-forward (or -backward) fathers The Fab Five won’t need to visit if you get your dad this book

Whether your dad has a natural affinity for what’s hot and what’s not, or is a walking fashion disaster, there’s room on his shelf for this book.

Buy a copy here.

Pop’s got pumped-up kicks

Keep ’em cleanIf you got your sneakerhead tendencies from your old man, order two sets of this pocket-sized cleaning kit, and make sure there’s never a mark on your kicks that isn’t meant to be there. Buy one here.

If Dad goes gaga for games

This is looking to be one of the games of the yearIf your father is into gaming, make his year, and pre-order what is shaping up to be one of 2020’s biggest games, The Last of Us II. It’s going to be intense, so remind him to set an alarm to take regular breaks. Buy a copy here.

For a keep-fit king

This band is especially good for dads who runTreat your dad to a new fitness tracker, to encourage him to improve his times, up his step count, or just get off the sofa. Especially that last one, actually. Then you can play his PS4. Buy one here.

If he’s tired and he shows it

Yoda Face MaskTreat him to a facemask – or five. Remind your dad it’s OK to take care of his appearance, and that giving himself 10 minutes where all he does is close his eyes and feel the goodness working its way into his skin is good for everyone around him. Plus, HELLO YODA! Buy them here.

Protect him from his butterfingers ways

Protect Dad's phone - and your patience!If you’re tired of lending your dad your phone every time he knocks it off the kitchen table, buy him an Otterbox. For everyone’s sake. Buy one here.

Don’t be humiliated by the elder merman

Keep Dad looking cool this summerIf you live somewhere where beaches have reopened, make sure you're not embarrassed to be seen with your dad, and get him a quirky, sustainable new pair of swim shorts.| Buy a pair here.

Give it a rest

No more cramps!Give the old man’s hands a break (and stop him wobbling in family Zoom catchups) with this nifty device! Be aware, though, that it frees up his hands for gesturing, so maybe move fragile items out of reach ... Buy one here.

If he needs to learn to feed you better

It's Dad's turn in the kitchen!How about treating him to an online cooking class, where he can learn to make his favourite cuisine (and then treat you all!)? Sure, he can just watch YouTube, but sites like Udemy and Skillshare offer classes designed by professional chefs, specifically intended for online learning.

Buy a class here.

No strings attached

Thumbs up swipe wireless chargerGet your dad this wireless charger so he stops nicking yours.

Buy one here.

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