Best 2020 #BacktoSchool stationery picks, whether you're in the classroom or doing classes online

  • Even if you’re not headed to the classroom yet, you can still start the new school year with some fun accessories, from planners to Post-Its
  • Typo, Kikki-K and Muji are all great places to pick out fun pens, notebooks, and more
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Just because you won't be in a classroom for a while, it doesn't mean you can't have some fun stationery.

Just because you’re not in the classroom yet, there’s no reason not to get excited about back-to-school stationery. (In fact, it’s maybe a reason to be even more excited than usual. Treat yo’self!)

We’ve put together some of our favourite – and essential – pieces that will make studying from home more fun, and will make you the envy of your classmates when you finally return to campus.

Desk planner

If you’re looking at your laptop for eight hours a day, you don’t really want to open it up again to check schedules. Keep track of your homework, revision plans, and Zoom catch-ups in a physical planner instead. Check it out on Kikki-K’s website.


The OG sticky notes company is still the best when it comes to tags and flags for marking important places in your textbooks. Find them here.

We’re also kind of obsessed with these black Post-Its that sort of reflect the global mood – but make it art. You can buy these ones here.


If ever there was a need for novelty pens, 2020 was it. Get one with a squeezable topper, or a mini punching figure instead of taking out your stress on someone in real life.

As for regular ball points, the Frixion series from all-time-favourite brand Pilot is an erasable, smooth-flowing option with a super-fine tip. Sometimes messing with a classic is worthwhile.


One word: erasable. No more frustration when you highlight the wrong paragraph in your notes or textbook. Genius.


It’s important to have little things that make you smile while you're plodding through your calculus. This Typo stationery set made us chuckle.

Pencil case

Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you should let your bits and pieces go rogue. Keep them tidy in a pencil case – and you’ll also be good to go when it’s time to head back to class IRL.


OK, you’re probably almost entirely paper-free thanks to online classes, but for those times that you need to print things out and keep them together, this handy, staple-free stapler from Muji does the job. Plus it just looks cool.

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