The ultimate Christmas 2020 gift list: board games teens want to play

  • What do teenagers want for Christmas? We asked them what’s on their wishlist this holiday season and curated a guide to make Christmas shopping easier this year
  • Here are 5 of the best presents for doing table-top battle, from chess to Monopoly
Amalissa Hall |

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From chess to Monopoly, a board game is a classic Christmas gift.

We selected five of this year’s hottest gifts for anyone who likes to challenge their nearest and dearest to off-screen battles – or just lose themselves in the moment.

HKIA Special Edition Monopoly

We haven’t had a reason to go to the airport for a while, so why not visit it in this version of the property-trading game?

A cute new version of the famous game.Whether you’re a Monopoly enthusiast, proud Hongkonger or just looking for distraction, this definitely bring joy.


Buy a copy here.


An excellent game for playing on the go when we can travel again, or for whipping out after plates piled with turkey! It’s quicker than Scrabble, there’s no board to set up, and the pieces come in a cute banana bag.

Up to eight people can play as you each make your own grid of words and try to use up all the tiles. It’s also excellent brain stimulation post-Christmas dinner.


Buy a copy here.


Another quick-thinking game that requires you to lose your tiles as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rummikub. Even the name is fun!There are several editions of this game, but we love the Travel versions that come in a tin – so much less likely than a box to be affected by Hong Kong humidity.


Buy one here.

Chess set

The Queen’s Gambit is one of Netflix’s most watched series ever. And obviously that means playing chess is super cool now. Don’t get left behind.

The pieces in a classic wooden chess set are not only easier for beginners to recognise than their artsy alternatives, they also more closely resemble the ones in the show.


Buy one here.

Lion Rock Press double-sided puzzle HK$280

The Lion Rock Press always comes out with beautiful illustrations and items. This puzzle features our favourite things about Hong Kong, and will take up a few hours to complete.

Lion Rock Press always celebrates the best of HK.Then you can take it apart and do it all over again on the other side!


Buy one here.