The ultimate Christmas 2020 gift list for fashionistas

  • What do teenagers want for Christmas? We asked them what’s on their wishlist this holiday season and curated a guide to make Christmas shopping easier this year
  • Here are 5 of the best new additions to your wardobe to ask for
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Ask for something joyful to add to your wardrobe.

We selected five of this year’s hottest items of clothing and accessories for girls, to take your outfits from “tame” to “TikToktastic”.

Wrap top

A chic alternative to a T-shirt or long sleeve, wrap tops come in so many different fabrics and colours, and are pretty trendy at the moment.

Photo via ASOSA long-sleeved ribbed version is more than a safe bet – we love this one from ASOS.

Buy it here.

Brandy Melville sweatpants

Grey sweatpants are a staple item, especially in 2020 (hey, as long as you have your uniform on on top, right?). They’re also perfect for lounging around in on Christmas morning. Everyone loves California-cool (via Italy) brand Brandy Melville, so jump on the trend train.

Buy a pair here.

Flared leggings (aka yoga pants)

YouTube star Emma Chamberlain wore flared leggings, so now everyone wants flared leggings.

Also known as yoga pants, these bottoms are uber comfy yet stylish enough to be paired with pretty much anything and worn out. It’s athleisure, doncha know.

Buy a pair here.

Sweater vest

Sweater vests have been seen all over Instagram; looks like cottage-core is going nowhere fast.

Kina and Tam have some with the most unique designs, and they aren’t too preppy as they have a boxier fit. Great to wear with jeans and a tee.

Buy one here.

Zara bodysuit

Zara are doing some great bodysuits at the moment, and are a great year-round item to have in your closet.

Buy one here.

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