The ultimate Christmas 2020 gift list for teens who need a little self-care

  • What do teenagers want for Christmas? We asked them what’s on their wishlist this holiday season and curated a guide to make Christmas shopping easier this year
  • Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, worldwide protests, and school disruptions, taking care of yourself is more important than ever
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Make time for yourself this Christmas, and always.

We selected five of the ultimate ways to help you carve out a little “me time” and just wind down.

Calm (US$70 a year)

Internal self-care is just as important as taking care of what’s on the outside, which is why meditation and mindfulness are so popular. But it is easy to get distracted without a little help.

This app is popular for a reason, and makes the ideal gift if a little help is needed in the slowing-down department.

Subscribe here.

Massage gun HK$600-HK$1,000

This is a surprisingly necessary appliance that will soothe aches and pains from exercise, injuries, or sitting down at a desk all day. It’s very mobile, and the different attachments will help get to those hard-to-reach places.

Buy one here.

The Ordinary HK$60 and up

Everyone can benefit from taking care of their skin, boys and girls alike. And while you’re looking after its physical health, you’re also benefiting your mental well-being.

This super Instagrammable brand offers very affordable skincare products for a variety of concerns. The salicylic acid masque is excellent for keeping spots at bay, hyaluronic acid layered under a moisturiser is a great base for daytime, and rosehip seed oil is super nourishing for night-time use.

Check out the rest of the products here.

Nudestix x Pony gift set HK$520

Makeup isn’t just about looking good, it also makes people feel good. Christmas is a great time to experiment, as gift sets usually contain multiple items you might not usually buy.

Nudestix collaborated with Korean makeup artist Pony to create this set, which includes a multi-use cheek product we love. We may not be going out to gatherings this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a makeover and look fabulous for that Zoom Christmas party.

Buy it here.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool HK$140

No TikTok skincare routine is complete without a rose quartz gua sha tool. Gentle facial massage has a super-relaxing effect on the entire body, relieving tension in your face and neck muscles when you’re stressed.


It’s also good for reducing puffiness and draining your sinuses if you’re feeling bunged up!

Buy one here.

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