Look sharp this Chinese New Year in one of these festive T-shirts

  • We’ve rounded up some of the chillest tees inspired by the Lunar New Year holiday so you don’t have to trawl the online stores
  • We hope you’ll take the Year of the Ox by the horns, and be healthy, wealthy and wise
Amalissa Hall |

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Wishing you good health and prosperity!

New clothes are a traditional part of the Lunar New Year, so we’ve tracked down some of the tees we think will make a difference to your wardrobe this holiday.

Wishing you prosperity

Traditional vibes

Keep it classic for Chinese New Year with this red tee featuring a gold emblem of this year’s zodiac animal, the ox. Bring on the good fortune!

Buy one here.

Everything in balance

Wishing you balance in the Year of the Ox

This black T-shirt still has elements of red and gold but is more low-key for receiving lai see. The ox is also present, but in funky yin and yang design.

Buy one here.

Heading into the new year like ....

Ramen AND the zodiac animal? We’re in

Surely combining everyone’s favourite late-night snack with the year’s zodiac animal is auspicious? It’s a reminder of deliciousness, at the very least, and we’re here for that.

Buy one here.

Get your arty ox on

Haven’t I seen you in Lantau?

A geometric, almost stained-glass-window-effect version of the beast we’re celebrating this year.

Buy one here.

Everyone loves a lion dance

Lion Dance Tshirt

Yellow is one of Pantone’s colours of the year, and it looks excellent against the blue and red of this cute lion head graphic. It’s also an auspicious colour to wear in the new year. Superstitious or not, why not combine compliments and good fortune?

Buy one here.

Hello Mooey

Get a moooove on and get to bed!

Not exactly a T-shirt, but we couldn’t resist these pyjamas. One for fans of everything kawaii.

Buy one here.

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