Good Good cafe review: Japanese eatery makes veggie meals a very tasty experience

Miriam Gordon
  • Download reservation app Chope and make a booking for this delicious vegetarian Japanese restaurant in Sai Ying Pun
  • Try a rice bowl with tempura for lunch, followed by black tea and fig cake for dessert
Miriam Gordon |

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Make sure to try the tempura when you go to Good Good. Photo: Miriam Gordon

Good Good G/F 2a Second Street, Sai Ying Pun Instagram: @goodgoodgrocery

Grub: Hearty vegetarian Japanese meals and desserts

Vibe: Simple yet comfortable wooden furniture set against the creamy white walls imparts a feeling of friendliness and warmth. If you’re lucky enough to snag a sofa seat, the soft cushioning creates is a great space to chill and socialise.

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Who to take: Someone who loves Japanese rice or noodles will be eternally grateful if you introduce them to Good Good. The menu is also completely vegetarian, so if you have a vegetarian friend who always feels like they have limited options at restaurants, they will be spoilt for choice. This is also a great place to take any close friends, as the vibe is perfect for a chatty catch-up.

What’s hot: The menu varies every few months, but the rice bowls are always delicious. Sometimes they’re topped with light and crispy tempura vegetables (HK$118), or a comforting mushroom omelette (HK$108) – perfect for those who want something warm and filling. Their desserts are certainly a must-try, most notably their cake and ice cream options.

The cake is always insanely fluffy and comes in intriguing flavours such as black tea and fig (HK$68), but the ice cream cups (HK$68) are the more unique desserts. Their tofu ice cream with black sesame mochi chiffon cake topped with miso caramel is one of my favourite treats of all time. The umami flavour of the miso complements the sweet caramel perfectly, and the unique texture of the chewy chiffon cake brings the ice cream together for a satisfying treat.

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What’s not: Good Good does not accept walk-ins, so you must make reservations on the Chope app starting Monday at 10am. The bill can lean on the pricey end if you go for a main and dessert. You could make a reservation for tea time and try one of their desserts. They are very filling. Some of their drinks, especially the lemonades and sodas, can also be a bit pricey but they are a nice treat if you want to support a local business.

Cost: Mains range from HK$88-HK$118; desserts from HK$48-HK$68; drinks from HK$48-HK$75

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