Hong Kong’s best vegetarian dumplings for under HK$65

  • From pan-fried Nepalese momos to boiled Taiwanese delights, here’s where you can find the best meat-free options in the city
  • Whether you avoid meat for religious reasons or are trying to cut back because of climate change, there’s plenty of delicious dumplings for you
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Is there a more perfect food than the humble dumpling?

Whether you pick them up from a street stall, a restaurant, or a convenience store, dumplings are a Hong Kong staple. But not everyone can or wants to have meat in their dumplings.

Though vegetarianism has long been a part of religious practices in the city, more people are reducing their meat intake for reasons other than faith, realising how raising animals for meat is harmful for both the people and the planet.

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With that in mind, we went around the city looking for the best vegetarian dumplings.

Whether you don’t eat meat, or observe halal and don’t eat the pork that normally fills Chinese dumplings, or just want veggie options, keep this list to hand - and let us know if there are any tasty spots we missed.

Try not to drool all over your phone.

Bafang Dumpling

This Taiwanese chain has more than 20 shops in Hong Kong, and their vegetarian dumplings wrapped in green-tinted skin (10 for HK$40), can be ordered pan-fried or boiled, and make for a perfect quick meal. To go with your dumplings, stuffed with minced carrots, tofu, black fungus, and cabbage, order sesame sauce noodles (HK$29) - and get the spicy version if you can handle heat.

Green-tinted vegetarian dumplings from Bafang Dumpling. Photo: SCMP/Esther Cheung

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Northern Dumpling Yuan

With five locations across Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, this is a Young Post favourite. They offer two different veggie dumpling options.

The Vegetarian dumplings (10 for HK$49) has thinly sliced carrot, wood ear mushroom, and cabbage, while the Fungus, Mushroom Vegetarian option (10 for HK$55) is crunchier. Eat them with an order of sesame butter noodles (HK$42) or mushroom vegetable rice (HK$54).

Vegetarian Dumplings from Northern Dumpling Yuan go well with an order of sesame butter noodles. Photo: SCMP/Esther Cheung

Nom Nom Dumplings

This chain with locations throughout the city also has two vegetarian dumpling choices (10 for HK$60 boiled and HK$65 pan-fried) on their menu. The wild Matsutake mushroom version are an umami dream, while the vegan dumplings filled with tofu, mushroom, carrot, and celery are on the crunchier side. They pair well with the cold Sichuan noodles (HK$30) or any of their veggie snack dishes!

The vegan dumpling from Nom Nom Dumpling is filled with celery, carrot, tofu, and mushroom. Photo: SCMP/Esther Cheung

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Dumpling Pro

Both of their restaurants in Jordan and Sham Shui Po offer 10 dumplings for HK$44 (HK$52 pan-fried).

The mixed vegetarian dumpling has carrot, cabbage, and water chestnut, while their tomato egg dumpling was unlike any we’ve had before. Their HK$35 afternoon set (bargain!) comes with five dumplings, a drink, and a tasty side.

The tomato egg dumplings from Dumpling Pro will blow your mind. Photo: SCMP/Esther Cheung

Peking Dumpling Wong

This small shop in Wan Chai has been run by a friendly couple for the past 44 years. Their vegetarian dumplings (nine boiled for HK$49, pan-fried for HK$61) are filled with bok choy and tofu; we recommend the boiled ones over the pan-fried, which were quite oily.

They also can make many of the dishes - such as their fried rice, noodles, and ma po tofu - meat-free upon request at no extra cost.

The pan-friend dumplings can be quite oily, so you might want to try the boiled ones at Peking Dumpling Wong instead. Photo: SCMP/Esther Cheung

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Timur Takeaway Corner

Despite its limited seating, this Kennedy Town spot packs a lot of flavour into its Nepalese dumplings, called momos. The fillings differ from Chinese-style dumplings, and - in Hong Kong at least - tend to include more vegetarian versions.

The offerings at Timur are spicy and rich, filled with cabbage, onion, and cauliflower (10 for HK$60). Try them alongside the aromatic vegetable biryani (HK$35) or the sweet and spicy paneer chilli (HK$45).

Try the vegetarian dumplings from Timur Takeaway Corner with a side of spicy paneer chilli. Photo: SCMP/Esther Cheung

Manakamana Nepali Restaurant

Another great spot for vegetarian momos, Manakamana in Jordan has a larger seating section than Timur, and their dumplings are equally tasty. At HK$55 for 10, these momos are filled with well-seasoned bell pepper, onion, cabbage, and carrot. Pair them with anything on their long and tasty list of vegetarian curries and snacks.

Manakamana Nepali Restaurant has a long list of vegetarian snacks available. Photo: SCMP/Esther Cheung

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