9 reasons why cats rule

  • Cats often get a bad reputation, but they’re just misunderstood!
  • From their sweet little toe beans to their cleanliness, here’s a few reasons why we’re team feline ‘furever’
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That certainly is one cool cat.

Cats get a bad reputation, and it’s totally because they’re just misunderstood. Some people call them mean and evil, but they’re actually super loving, awesome animals. Here’s why:

We also have a more scientific explanation for cat awesomeness here

They have furry little paws and bellies

I dare you to name one thing cuter than a cat’s toe beans. They’re soft and tiny, and if your cat is comfortable enough, you can even hold them. And their bellies! If a cat shows you its belly, that means it trusts you. What’s better than knowing you’ve earned the trust of your pet?

Put your paws in the air if you just don't care.

They’re independent

Listen, dogs are great. We’re not going to knock them at all. But let’s face it, they can get a little needy. Cats are perfect because they will let you go about your day and join you for pets along the way. Best of all: you don’t need to walk them (because who wants to go outside in the Hong Kong heat and pick up poop from the hot pavement?) Instead, they do their business in a little box (in your air conditioned flat) that you can clean out with a scoop instead of a thin plastic bag.

What’s going on in my dog’s head?

The zoomies

Having a cat is unpredictable. One minute they’re sleeping, the next they’re sprinting around the house for no reason. This is called “the zoomies” and it’s a way for them to burn off excess energy. It’s hilarious to watch them run around and jump on stuff - who needs a TV when you have a cat? - but it might be a good idea to move fragile items out of the way.

FYI - it’s also common for cats to run around in a seemingly celebratory fashion after pooping, but animal experts can’t agree on a reason why.

In a minute, he'll start running around the house.

Bugs? No problem

If you have a cat, you have a tiny little predator living in your home. Spiders? You mean delicious snacks. Ants? Appetizers. What a wonderful, eco-friendly form of pest control.

They’re expert biscuit makers

If your cat paws at you (this is called “kneading”) and purrs, it’s a sign of love and affection. Newborn kittens do this to their mothers while they’re nursing, and adult cats will do it to people they’ve bonded with. This cute little motion is informally called “making biscuits” because it looks like the cat is kneading bread.

The comforting sounds of PUUUURRRR

The sweet, gentle vibration from a content cat is a relaxing feeling and sound. Some sleep apps even have purring as an option for a comforting background sound to help you fall asleep.

Cats are clean - and they may even keep you clean, too

You don’t have to bathe a cat - it’s constantly bathing itself (when it licks its paw before rubbing its ear? It’s basically shampooing itself). You may even be lucky enough to have your pet lick and groom you, which is a sign of affection. They smell good, especially their heads - so much so that one Japanese company made “Cat Forehead Perfume” .

Cats are (mostly) quiet

You may end up getting a vocal cat who likes to meow, but you can be certain it will still be more quiet than a dog. You don’t need to worry about people ringing your doorbell and setting your cat off, or your cat keeping people awake at night; if they’re meowing, all you really need to do is feed them or give them some scratches and they’ll be all good.

How to be a great foster parent for your furry friend

Cats are really, really weird

From jumping at laser pointers, to knocking things off tables and batting at toy mice, cats do the funniest, weirdest things. They stretch themselves into the most awkward positions when they’re bathing themselves. They can fit into any box or container, no matter how small or oddly shaped. And despite all their oddities, they are fiercely confident: cats have high self-esteem, and every cat believes they are the best cat to ever cat. And this might be a little lesson for all of us.

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