Lonely Paisley Cafe Review: Take a trip around the world at this relaxing Turkish oasis

Rhea Kundamal
  • This new restaurant in Sham Shui Po offering up Middle Eastern fare has a chilled out vibe and gorgeous, colourful decorations
  • You’ll probably need to wait for a spot, as the cafe doesn’t take reservations before dinner
Rhea Kundamal |

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The Turkish Breakfast set in full view, including four dips, simit, cheese, egg, Turkish tea, and salad. Photo: @lonelypaisley on Instagram

Grub: Mostly Middle Eastern, but there are many crossovers with famous dishes from all around the world, such as Tom Yum Goong from Thailand.

Vibe: The custom, hand-painted Iranian patterned walls, antique doors from India, tapestries from Turkey, carpets from Afghanistan, and lights from Morocco take you on an adventurous trip around the world. Because there’s no time limit on the table, it’s the perfect place to sit back, have a chat, and sample some delicious food.

Who to take: The restaurant is decently sized (1,000 square feet in total), and there are both tapchans (a large combination of a bed and a table common in Central Asia) and tables to sit at. Bring family and friends who love indulging in exotic eats.

Customers are able to dine on tapchans that have a mini table and traditional patterned pillows at Lonely Paisley Cafe in Sham Shui Po. Photo: Junior reporter Rhea Kundamal

What’s hot: It comes as no surprise that the Turkish Breakfast (HK$148) – which consists of jam, acuka (a spicy dip made of red peppers and herbs), cream, honey, simit (a circular bread topped with sesame seeds), eggs and sausages, three different types of cheese imported fresh from Turkey, and Turkish tea – is a staple of its menu and gives you all the energy you need.

Not only does the restaurant ace Turkish food, but it also crafts the perfect Mexican Triple Cheese Quesadilla (HK$88). It’s one of Lonely Paisley’s best sellers, and served with its super-secret mala sauce. You’ll be begging for the recipe.

In terms of drinks, the Blue Lagoon mocktail (HK$58) appeals to both the eyes and the stomach. Your taste buds will certainly appreciate this bright blue beverage.

Icing lines the rim of the Blue Lagoon Mocktail, which is made from blue curacao, lemonade, and grapefruit juice. Photo: @lonelypaisley on Instagram.

What’s not: Lonely Paisley is still quite new, and the owners currently plan to have only one branch. It is very busy on the weekends, and they do not take reservations before 6pm. However, the wait is definitely worth it!

Cost: Main courses range from HK$88 to HK$158, while smaller dishes and snacks are HK$20 to HK$88. Desserts cost about HK$58, and drinks are from HK$18.

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