Get your ‘Heart in Place’ at this quiet cafe

  • This peaceful, calming space was designed for people to relax and spend time alone
  • Grab a Turkish coffee, sit on the floor and break out a book at this Causeway Bay cafe
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Sometimes it’s good to spend time alone. Photo: Heart in Place

First things first: do not take anyone with you to this cafe. This isn’t just another place where people go to take pretty photos with their friends. It’s one where you can buy yourself some me-time in this space-starved, restless city.

The owner, Sophia, who prefers to be called by her first name, said the cafe serves as a “co-resting space” for people to listen to their inner voice.

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“In 2019, I experienced an emotional rock bottom due to a couple of significant life events. During that period, I spent so much time alone, trying to respond to the inner voice that had been crying for attention,” she said.

“Many important answers that I had been searching for surfaced when I was alone. That is when I realised the power and vitality of solitude.”

Sophia aspires to create a safe space for other people to do the same, where they can “engage in a painful but probably essential conversation with their true selves”.

Reserve the number of hours you want to stay before you go. Photo: Heart in Place

Vibe: It is on the fifth floor of a tong lau in Causeway Bay. It offers a peaceful and distinct experience. Instead of rows of tables, you will find a dark wooden floor, plenty of plants, and moon paintings on a white wall. Everyone is free to sit wherever they feel comfortable, or even lie down on the floor. Soft, soothing acoustic music plays in the background, matching the cafe’s slow-living vibes.

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Grub: The cafe serves up food like Belgian liège waffles, Norwegian molasses toast and home-made brownies. In addition to the normal array of coffee options, there are also a few other beverages to choose from, such as Turkish coffee and ayran, a savoury yogurt drink. There are also two special lattes called “nameless existence” and “depressed survivor” for customers to try.

Kick back and relax with a coffee and a book you’d love to get lost in. Photo: Heart in Place

What’s hot: If you’re a bookworm on the hunt for a cafe to read in without any nuisance, Heart in Place is the perfect spot. Unlike other cafes in Hong Kong, you will not find more than nine customers here at any one time.

What’s not: It does not accept walk-ins. Instead, you must make a booking in advance, and reserve the number of hours you wish to stay.

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Cost: The price is based on the amount of time you spend at the cafe. One hour costs HK$100.60 and includes a drink, while three hours is priced at HK$188.60, including two drinks and one food item.

Address: 5/F, 8 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

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