Meet the Indian barber siblings who transform heads into art

  • The pair has become famous for turning heads into canvasses with their unusual haircuts
  • Their salon is a hit with customers who want to stand out at social events
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This Mickey Mouse haircut is just one of many quirky “trims” you can get. Photo: Reuters

In a small salon in a nondescript town in northern India, a trip to the barber might just be the perfect opportunity to get some amazing art embossed on the back of your head.

Brothers Rajwinder Singh Sidhu and Gurwinder Singh Sidhu in Dabwali town in India’s Punjab state are now famous in their small part of the world for giving haircuts shaped in images of the customer’s choice.

The brothers putting the finishing touches on a Michael Jackson “hair tattoo”. Photo: Reuters

From the Taj Mahal, complete with its many turrets and towers, to a lifelike portrait of pop star Michael Jackson, the brothers use a range of trimmers, scissors and pencils, among other tools, to get every minute detail of hairdos correct.

“In the beginning we used to give anyone we could get hold off free haircuts so that we could practice our skills on them. Some days we used to practice till 2.00 a.m., because during the day we used to run the regular salon,” Rajwinder, the younger of the two brothers, told Reuters in an interview.

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These days the brothers, aged 29 and 31, charge anywhere between US$20-30 (HK$150-230) for their special “hair tattoos”, and say they have plans to take their business outside of India as well.

From requests of images of Bollywood stars to popular sportspersons and even an impression of Mickey Mouse, the brothers’ salon is seeing a steady stream of customers who want to draw attention to themselves at social gatherings or events but do not want something lasting, like traditional tattoos.

No hairdo is impossible, including this impressive lion on the back of a customer’s head. Photo: Reuters

“Today, I got a tattoo of the Taj Mahal. The monument is very beautiful and with this tattoo, I will stand out in the crowd,” said salon customer Darbar Singh, showing off his brand new haircut.

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