What makes you happy? Submit a photo to Young Post’s new project

  • You might be struggling to stay positive right now, but there are still pockets of happiness to be found
  • Share a picture of what makes brightens your day and remember there will be sunshine after the rain
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Does your dog make you happy? Send us a photo! Photo: Shutterstock

While many of us are struggling to stay positive with school suspensions once again disrupting our routines, there are still pockets of happiness found in the small things in life. ⁠

We’d like to invite you to share what helps you stay positive during these tough times by sending us a photo of one thing that makes you happy, together with a caption between 20-25 words explaining why. This photo not only brightens up your day, but that of other YP readers too! ⁠

Check out our Daily Burn challenge too!

Remember, there will be sunshine after the rain and you are not alone. Head here to submit your photo and caption via the Google form. ⁠

Note: The photo should be clear and of high resolution.

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