It’s been a long week, so check out these photos of cats in hats

  • Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki and his wife Hiromi make headpieces for their pets using their own fur and post them online
  • The couple will even release a book about these fabulous felines this October
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Even this cat isn’t sure of what to think of this hairdo. Photo: Ryo Yamazaki

Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki, known as Rojiman, has created a social media sensation with his playful pictures of his cats at home.

What makes his portraits unique are the furry headpieces his wife, Hiromi, crafts from their cats’ fur. Not only is this creative and eco-friendly, but very endearing. Rojiman and Hiromi, known as Umatan on Instagram, have even written a book called Cat-Hair Hats for Cats, set to be released in October.

Which cat hat is your favourite?

This fabulous feline gets its hair done at least once a week at the salon. Photo: Ryo Yamazaki
The cat dons the head of its enemy as a warning to anyone who dares to defy it. Photo: Ryo Yamazaki
Cats also keep up with the latest tech gear – this headset allows them to see and judge you more clearly. Photo: Ryo Yamazaki
The proud feline surveys its kingdom, as it waits for its human to serve the next meal. Photo: Ryo Yamazaki
“If I have to wear this ridiculous bonnet, you might as well give me a treat!” Photo: Ryo Yamazaki
These two fluffballs likely give enough hair for an endless supply of hats. Photo: Ryo Yamazaki
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