12 English idioms about the moon to help you shoot for the stars and beyond in your writing

  • While the Mid-Autumn Festival is all about the celestial body that comes in full force for the holiday, you can celebrate its beauty all year round with these phrases
  • You’ll be over the moon in love with these sayings when you use them on your next essay or exam
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Tell your significant other that you love them to the moon and back. Illustration: Shutterstock

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! As the holiday marks a time to celebrate reunions with family under the full moon, here are 12 idioms to show that you are over the moon.

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1. Over the moon

Meaning: extremely pleased or happy

Example: Tom was over the moon when he won the competition.

2. Once in a blue moon

Meaning: not very often or rarely

Example: My mum does not want us to eat too much junk food, so we only have hamburgers once in a blue moon.

3. Reach for the moon / Shoot for the moon

Meaning: to set one’s goals or ambitions very high

Example: Her parents want her to shoot for the moon when planning for her career.

Reach for the moon – who knows where you’ll land? Illustration: Shutterstock

4. Ask for the moon / Cry for the moon

Meaning: to make unreasonable demands

Example: My cousin is asking for the moon – his birthday wish is for tickets to the biggest concert in the city.

5. Promise (somebody) the moon

Meaning: to promise more than what you can do

Example: The journalist promised her editor the moon when she said she would submit her story this week. But even two days after the deadline, she has still been unable to finish.

6. Cast beyond the moon

Meaning: to consider unlikely possibilities

Example: When considering your future career, cast beyond the moon, and be willing to try things outside your comfort zone.

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7. Think one hung the moon

Meaning: to think of someone as the best or to view them as perfect

Example: Lynette thinks her father hung the moon because he can always answer her questions and give useful advice.

8. Bark at the moon / howl at the moon

Meaning: to make an appeal that is unlikely to change the situation

Example: When we tell Ivan to focus more on his studies, it is like barking at the moon because he only cares about playing basketball.

9. Love someone to the moon and back

Meaning: to love someone deeply

Example: I love you to the moon and back, so will you marry me?

There is something extra romantic about a moonlit sky. Illustration: Shutterstock

10. Many moons ago

Meaning: a very long time ago

Example: The last time I saw him was many moons ago, and he still acted like a kid at the time.

11. The moon on a stick

Meaning: to have everything you could want, usually things that are difficult to get

Example: Some parents try their best to satisfy their children’s wishes even if they are asking for the moon on a stick.

12. The moon is made of green cheese

Meaning: when something appears unreal or unlikely

Example: Does Tom really claim to have received the best marks even though he never studies? Right, and the moon is made of green cheese.

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