Over-the-moon mooncakes

Zoe Mak
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Saturday is Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Young Post team has been on a mooncake taste-testing binge in pursuit of the perfect festive treat. Here are our picks - three lotus-seed paste traditional mooncakes and three creative snowy mooncakes. We really don't suggest, as we did, you eat all six different types on the same day. You might never want to see another mooncake for the rest of your life. The 'moon ratings' indicate our top picks of this year's crop

Wing Wah low-sugar mooncake with double egg yolk and white lotus-seed paste - HK$47.50 each

This low-sugar mooncake is great for your grandparents or anyone who prefers a healthy diet. It's not for those with a sweet tooth. Some mooncake lovers may find the saltiness of the egg yolk slightly overwhelming, especially given there is nothing sweet to balance the taste.

taste rating: 3

Arome green tea with red bean iced mooncake - HK$29 for 2

The rich green tea flavour is complemented by red beans, a very Japanese twist that has become popular with Hongkongers. This daifuku-like mooncake hits the right spot and the slightly dry, powdery pastry does not distract from the refreshing, moist filling - green tea and red beans are a classic combo that never fails to delight mooncake lovers.

taste rating: 3

Tai Pan papaya and milk snowy mooncake - HK$28 for 2

You can never go wrong with papaya and milk as long as the ingredients are - or taste like - the real deal. The team votes it the best snowy mooncake. The "skin" is thin and has a genuine papaya taste. Less sweet than a traditional mooncake, it is sure to win legions of fans.

taste rating: 5

Maxims crispy mango snowy mooncake - HK$30 for 2

This mango mooncake is an unusual crunchy experience, which - combined with melting sensation the mango provides - can be appealing to some and too unconventional for others. It is tasty and sweet, but you are unlikely to go back for a second helping. It probably evolved from the bakery's crispy mango cake, which the team prefers. It has a genuine mango flavour, but the team found the chocolate "skin" too chewy.

taste rating: 3

Kee Wah mini mooncake with egg yolk and white lotus-seed paste - HK$24 for one

The petite size of this mooncake is perfect for those who find the traditional treat too rich. Finish it in a few bites - no leftovers in the fridge, which will keep mum happy. It's also perfect for anyone worried about piling on weight ove the festival.

taste rating: 3

Super Star lotus-seed paste mooncake with double egg york - HK$48 each

This traditional mooncake with lotus-seed paste is very tasty and it comes in an attractive tin. The proportion of the salty egg yolk to the sweet lotus paste is well-balanced. Not too heavy and goes very well with hot tea.

taste rating: 5