The best 5 hosts on HK online show TV Most

Lauren Faith Lau

Five of the best and most popular reporters of an online video platform created by the company that runs Hong Kong magazine 100Most

Lauren Faith Lau |

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TV Most is a local online video platform created by Most Kwai Chung, the company that runs Hong Kong magazine 100Most. It entertains and educates Hongkongers on the latest happenings in the city.

The website covers local news stories and recreates dramatic scenes from local TV shows and adverts, featuring a regular cast that all act as reporters. Here’s what you need to know about the best and most popular news crew members on the scene and the shows they host on the site.

Tung Fong-shing 東方昇

Fong-shing is the top dog among the reporters. This character is a parody of well-known TVB reporter Anthony Fong Tung-shing. Fong-shing was one of the very first characters to feature heavily on the network, and he mainly reports on Chinese and North Korean news.

The character is so popular that, earlier this year, his online segment was converted into a live show called 東方昇特異功能救香港 (Tung Fong-shing Saves Hong Kong With His Super Powers). Fong-shing also hosts 國家級任務 (Mission of State), which looks into social issues in Hong Kong.

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Poon Choi Ying-zi 盤菜瑩子

If Tung Fong-shing is the alpha male, then Poon Choi Ying-zi is the crew’s queen bee. Ying-zi is a parody of well-known female news reporter Julia Poon. She is best known for her ability to charm her audience with her cute dimples and her ability to sing, and everything about Ying-zi – from her hair to her outfits – is very much influenced by her love of Japanese culture. Her show, 日本風涼話 (Japan Travel Diaries) is very much a reflection of that.

Wong Charm-ying 黃慘盈

Charm-ying is arguably the cutest reporter of them all. Her character is a funny take on TVB reporter Connie Wong. Charm-ying doesn’t appear as much as some of the other reporters any more, but when she does, she charms her viewers with to her looks and the faces she pulls on air. Charm-ying used to host the segment called 愛.回帶 (Hong Kong Rewind) before she left for New York to pursue an education in performing arts. Her segment was a look back on news stories within the city. Charm-ying is still around as a character, but now appears more as a narrator than on-screen.

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This character’s whole shtick is that he is single and nerdy – and it works for him, because Dickson is a popular character. The self-proclaimed “love-expert” has even released his own song , called Earth Vely Danger, and a published book titled 情投 資必勝法 (Win Love in a Strategic Way). The book, which contains tips on how to find a partner, is one you can actually pick up, and debuted at the Hong Kong Book Fair.

Lee Kwan-nga 利君牙

This character is a take on the Pakistani TVB reporter, Nabela Qoser. She even looks like the real-life journalist! Kwan-nga is a reporter who is not afraid to try all sorts of challenges for her career, no matter how wacky. She presents the segment 愛護同事協會 (Love Workmate Association).

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