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by James Whittle

Could the 13th Detective Conan movie, The Raven Chaser, be the one that leads Kudo Shinichi to the answers he's been looking for all this time?

Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan), known as Cased Closed in the US, is a long-running Japanese detective mystery manga/anime series by Gosho Aoyama. It's the story of a teenage private detective who was turned into a little boy when he was force-fed an experimental poison called Apotoxin-4869 by agents of enemy group, Black Organisation (BO).

The manga was serialised in Weekly Shonen Sunday in 1994 and is still running. The anime premiered in January 1996 and is still running, with reruns regularly shown across Asia on Animax.

A series of murders has been committed in Japan, and Conan manages to get hold of the details. The victims have nothing in common and include both men and women of varying ages. The only clue is the mahjong tile left at each crime scene and a belonging taken from each victim.

But the police aren't the only ones interested in the case; BO agents are also looking into the murders. Conan has to be doubly cautious about exposing his identity so he can unmask the killer and find out why the bad guys are so interested in the case.

Currently only the Japanese version is available, but a local release is due out soon. A 14th movie is also in production, so fans have lots to look forward to.

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