Batman/Superman: Public Enemies (DVD/Blu-Ray)

James Whittle
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by James Whittle

A giant meteor is on course to cause the earth's destruction, but Lex Luthor is there to save humanity. Yes, you read that right: Superman's arch-nemesis will save the world from a giant Kryptonite meteor in the new DC Universe animated original movie Batman/Superman: Public Enemies.

Lex has managed to become President of the United States and has come up with a plan to save the world while framing Superman for the murder of his bodyguard. Superman is a wanted fugitive with a US$1 billion bounty on his head.

It's up to Batman to clear his colleague's name, help Superman to stop the meteor and unmask Lex for the villain that he truly is.

The two-disc special-edition version comes with more than three hours of incredible bonus features, including featurettes and behind-the-scenes footage.

Additional extras include an extended sneak peak at the next DCU Film, and two episodes of Justice League Unlimited, picked by animation legend Bruce Timm. The Blu-Ray edition features an extra two episodes of Justice League Unlimited and two Justice League episodes.

This is a great follow-up to the Green Lantern animated movie which was released a few months back, and will please fans of both Batman and Superman. A definite must-have for comic book fans, the DVD and Blu-Ray discs will be released on Tuesday, so reserve your copy now.

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