Pixar inspired: Add flavour to your little black dress and spice up your party look

Each week, we’ll take a fashion trend inspired by a Pixar movie and show you how to achieve it at home. This week’s look is inspired by Ratatouille

Rhea Mogul |

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A little black dress can be made perfect for any occasion – from parties, to romantic dates, to formal gatherings.

Ever since Audrey Hepburn wore her Givenchy dress to have breakfast at Tiffany’s in the film of the same name, little black dresses have been a staple found in every girl’s wardrobe.

It is a super adaptable item, and can be made perfect for any occasion – from parties, to romantic dates, to formal gatherings. It’s also an outfit that exudes Parisienne chic, which makes it the perfect choice for a look inspired by Ratatouille – the comedy about a lovable rat whose passion for cooking takes him all the way to the kitchen of a top restaurant in Paris.

This week’s model, Heather Ng, wears an outfit which reflects the simple elegance of the French style depicted in the film. With a classic cut and delicate details, Heather’s little black dress proves that less is more; you don’t have to overdress to look sophisticated.

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A bold red lip is a statement that can be seen even from far away.
Photo: Nicole Moraleda/SCMP


This look should be understated, but glamourous, and there is no better way to achieve that than with a classic red lip.

A bold red lip is one of the most iconic beauty looks of all time, and can instantly take a look from day-to-night with minimal effort.

We lined Heather’s lips with a deep red lipliner, before slowly and carefully applying a dark red lipstick. The richness of the red we used compliments Heather’s skin tone perfectly – you may need to experiment with various shades before you find the perfect one for you, but that’s all part of the fun! A red lip should enhance your features, and add some mystery and charm to your look.

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So as not to detract from her lips, we kept Heather’s eye make-up fairly understated, and added just a touch  of smokiness to her lids. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply a nude-coloured eyeshadow all over your lids. Then, using the same brush, dust a dark brown over your eyelids and into the crease, and blend it in well. Next, use a neutral shadow along the outer edge of the darker colour, blending it thoroughly towards the brow.

Once you’re happy with your eyeshadow, line your upper and lower lash lines with a thin, black liquid liner. Allow it to dry for a few seconds, then line your top and bottom waterlines.

Finally, apply two to three coats of mascara to open your eyes and make them pop.

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A messy top knot complements the polished make-up creating a modern-chic party look
Photo: Nicole Moraleda/SCMP


While a messy top knot might not seem like everybody’s first choice for an evening look, the texture created by this style complements the polished make-up for a modern-chic party look.

Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it tightly into a bun. Gently pull loose some tendrils to fall around your face, and tease them with your fingers to create more volume.

Don’t worry about making the bun look perfect; the tousled, messy look is what you’re aiming for here!

Clothes: Zara

Make-up: Rhea Mogul

Hair: Heather Ng

Photographer: Nicole Moraleda

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge