Dating on a shoestring

Wong Yat-hei
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Photos: Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

Wong Yat-hei talks to the winners of competition to do a night on the town with less than HK$100

The results of Sweet Journey HK$99, a competition seeking ideas on how to go on a date with only HK$99, were announced last week. Seventeen-year-old Ho Lok-yiu and 19-year-old Chan Wai-chung, both Form Six students, won the contest, organised by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK).

On December 5, a shortlist of three couples went on their dates. The winning couple spent HK49.80 on Christmas accessories to get dressed up for the date, and they went for a stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. They took pictures together in front of the Christmas displays and the harbour. The film was developed and made into a photo album. Developing the film cost HK$28.

Part of the mission was to find a couple who married this year and ask them what it takes to make each other happy. A passer-by suggested they go to a nearby banquet hall where wedding parties were held.

To wrap up the date they each enjoyed a bottle of warm Vitasoy at a total cost of HK$13. They spent a further HK$7.80 to take the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui back to the FPAHK headquarters, resulting in a date that cost a total of HK$98.60.

The competition was hosted by the FPAHK to promote the idea that there's more to love and dating than money. The winning couple received two tickets to Ocean Park and buffet coupons. The two runner-up couples also received tickets to Ocean Park.

'Ho and Chan were chosen not only because the amount of money they spent was closest to HK$99,' said Grace Lee Ming-ying, association education officer and a competition judge. 'They care for each other and both cared a lot about the competition.'

Ho said she learned about Sweet Journey HK$99 from the Young Post and was immediately excited by the idea. 'It was a good experience for both of us because we are always so busy with school work and we do not have many chances to go on dates like that,' she said.

'Usually we just study together in the library or hang out around the neighbourhood. The date was extra special because my boyfriend's birthday is December 24, so it was like celebrating it,' she said.

Chan said the date helped him to get to know his girlfriend better.

'I knew she likes to wear makeup but I'd never paid any attention. Now I have a better idea,' he said.

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