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Vampire fans can look forward to a faithful, though slightly dull adaptation of a hot teen novel, writes Sunny Tse

Possibly the hottest teen movie of the year, Twilight is an adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's novel of the same name about the forbidden love between a human and a vampire.

With more than 25 million copies sold worldwide, the long-awaited screen version enjoyed sky-high advance ticket sales.

Perhaps what has thrilled fans most is the cast. Kristin Stewart (Panic Room, Into the Wild) plays the ordinary and withdrawn heroine, Isabella "Bella" Swan. Robert Pattinson, the good-looking Quidditch star from the Harry Potter series, is the mysteriously vegetarian vampire Edward Cullen.

The cute couple is surrounded by a crowd of vivid supporting characters. Whether it be the vampire Cullen clan or the other students in school, each character appears to have been pulled straight from Meyer's pages. The casting team deserves a standing ovation.

The production team are as promising as the dazzling cast. This dark romance is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who made the acclaimed teen movie Thirteen. She proved her talent for capturing the sensitive struggles and relationship troubles teens face - the same conflicts that provide the magic in the book.

Many Twilighters breathed a sigh of relief when Melissa Rosenberg was announced the screenwriter. One of the masterminds behind the teenage drama The O.C. and dance flick Step Up, Rosenberg was an ideal candidate for the post. Knowing the importance of the story to fans, Rosenberg said she felt a lot of pressure to remain true to the original.

The film has so much potential to beat High School Musical 3 to the "best teenage movie" throne, but it doesn't quite live up to expectations.

Some fans may find Stewart's Bella a little blank, as she keeps her face expressionless, seldom showing the character's carefree spirit. But this is perhaps to be expected - after all, the only way readers know of her livelier side is from Bella's own narration.

Pattinson settles into his role well, but unfortunately, viewers will be distracted by the white floury makeup randomly caked on his face, making the handsome star look hideous.

The action scenes are too tame for today's adrenaline-addicted kids, and too much time is spent dealing with plot development, rather than letting the raw emotion shine through. On the plus side, the soundtrack is exceptionally well-chosen.

If you're expecting the thrills, chills and spills the book delivers, you'll be disappointed. Go along for a fun vampire movie, and just enjoy the ride.

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