7 things so painfully boring, being back in a classroom will feel like a dream


Think being back at school is boring? These coma-inducing activities will make you glad you’re stuck doing equations

Ngai Yeung |

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Is there anything worse than sitting in traffic that isn't moving...in the rain??

Alas, the time has come to say goodbye to Netflix and/or your beloved Nintendo Switch. Your summer fling, we’re sure, was fun while it lasted. But school calls, and it’s back to textbooks, homework, and terribly long lectures. Before you think there couldn’t possibly be anything more boring than sitting in class, though, consider these seven things that most definitely are.They really know how to interrupt your show, don’t they? Right at the climax of the episode you’re watching. True, some commercials can be entertaining, but more often than not you wish you could just fast forward through them.

Being stuck in traffic on a rainy day
If there’s even the slightest bit of precipitation, you can count on spending what feels like eternity in one spot, with nothing better to do than to stare out the window.

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Waiting in line
They say Hongkongers love standing in queues, but do they really? Sure, the thing you’re queuing for may be worth the wait, but it can be such a drag to be stuck wedged in with a whole bunch of strangers.

Filling in forms
There’s really nothing more tedious than having to fill in a form that requires you to write down every piece of information about yourself – from your middle name, to your last five previous addresses, to the expiry date of your passport.

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Small talk
It’s one of those things you can’t really avoid, but must it always be so boring? Let’s think of something more riveting to talk about than today’s weather, please. But if you must; here are five ways to master the art of small talk.

Snail-paced Wi-fi/internet connection
Call us impatient, but we refuse to wait more than a split-second for a page to load. We should be able to watch a YouTube video without having to stare at an awful freeze-frame and a perpetually spinning buffering wheel.

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Watching TV adverts
They really know how to interrupt your show, don’t they? Right at the climax of the episode you’re watching. True, some adverts can be entertaining but, more often than not, you wish you could just fast forward through them.

Being on hold
The voice recording says it will only be a short moment, but it never is. And with that annoying music playing in your ear, you wish even harder that someone (anyone!) on the other end would pick up.

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