Dance in the Vampire Bund (Anime)

James Whittle
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By James Whittle

If you're suffering from Twilight withdrawal, try visiting the Vampire Bund for a fix to tide you over until the next movie is released. An anime action horror feast awaits those brave enough to watch Dance in the Vampire Bund.

The Queen of the Vampires, Mina Tepes, and many of her kind have become tired of centuries of isolation, and have decided to go public about their existence. After she generously helps to pay off the country's national debt, Mina is given permission to build a special area for her people, 'The Vampire Bund', off the coast of Japan.

Unfortunately the fear and distrust between humans and vampires leads to groups on both sides plotting to foil Mina's plans for a peaceful integration. On top of this, Mina has her own problems with her up-and-down relationship with her werewolf bodyguard Akira.

Although it has a similar theme to popular current TV show True Blood, the manga came out years before, and was first serialised in June 2006 in manga magazine Comic Flapper.

Fans of supernatural and horror stories will find this a very interesting and fun watch. Keep an eye out for the DVD sometime soon.

The manga is also available in English, published by Seven Seas Entertainment. Five volumes are currently available, with a sixth due out in February. New volumes are scheduled to be release every few months after that.

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