Try studyblr: the technique that might make revision more effective and enjoyable


No, really! If you’re finding it hard to get back into the groove of studying, you might want to take note of these useful tips and tricks

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So, you’re back at school and you’re faced with a mound of homework, textbooks to read, homework, new material, and more homework? Good news is, you’re not alone. There are literally millions of students around the world dealing with the exact same thing, not just you and your classmates.

Luckily, a year or two ago, a whole bunch of them decided that the answer to ending learning fatigue – that feeling you get when your brain is about to explode and pour out of your ears all over your books – was to make stunning notes.

Enter studyblr – blogs on Tumblr on which people share amazing tips and techniques on studying, along with very pretty note-taking ideas. And, while it’s easy to get lost in the aesthetics of the blog, a studyblr can be a great resource for students to get inspiration along with more practical hacks on how to actually, really, absolutely, study! That is, if you don’t spend all your time gawping at the stunning next level studenting on the blog.

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There is scientific evidence which shows that if you go really in-depth on a topic you need to study (i.e. make mind maps or diagrams, and look up extra information) you have a far better chance of remembering the material in your exam. So, if you were to become a regular study blogger, the chances are that you’ll do better at exams.

However, some people believe it’s just another way to procrastinate. But if you’re determined to use a studyblr to improve your productivity and grades, follow these steps.

Buy some notebooks (or an iPad if that’s an investment you’re ready to make)

Dedicating one subject to one notebook helps you stay organised. Notebook paper with cute graphics and coloured lines might be tempting, but can also be distracting. Opting for the most simple option available may come in handy when you’re trying to stay focused.

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Bullet journal-style notebooks that have dotted paper are perfect for subjects like biology that require an both note taking and diagramming.

Buy a set of pastel-toned highlighters

As useful as computers are, paper notes have their unique functions.
Photo: Lina Chen

Just like traditional bright highlighters, highlighters in pastel tones give the effect of emphasising words – without overpowering the actual content of your notes.

Zebra’s Mildliner highlighters are a trusty brand if you’re after this kind of highlighter.

Invest in a good black marker and pen

Pencil works great most of the time, but when you refer back to your notes, the darker ink of a marker will stand out more. They also look great (and photograph very well), because you can practise your calligraphy with a good black marker.

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This works great for topic headlines and key words.

Get inspired

If you’re stuck on ideas, here are different platforms you can get studyblr inspiration from:

Study Quill
Studyblr Masterposts on Tumblr 

Study Quill
Study with Inspo

Emma Studiess 
Note Aesthetics

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