I love Dad: Happy Father's Day from our readers

YP ReporterAnushka PurohitBelinda NgMiuccia ChanMana MehtaJay GanglaniRegina Cheng

Your appreciation for your dad shouldn't be limited to just one day out of each year. But what better time is there for you to put down in words what you feel for dear old Dad than on a Young Post cover?

YP ReporterAnushka PurohitBelinda NgMiuccia ChanMana MehtaJay GanglaniRegina Cheng |

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It's Father's Day! What have you got planned for today with Dad? Well, whatever it is, we're sure he'll love it. But before you treat him to some well-deserved dim sum, or present him with a gadge that he's been wanting for ages, check out what some of your fellow YP readers have to say about their fathers.

Anushka & Diya Purohit, 17 & 12

From taking time out to go on a walk with us after a long exhausting day, waiting for us to finish our after school activities, and helping our indecisive selves to always make the best decision, our dad does it all. His happiness does not rely on gifts but our happiness and prosperity. The look of sheer glee on his face when either one of us stands on stage, his unstoppable cheering for us (even when the whole crowd stares) and his never-give-up spirit - we can only aspire to be half of who you are papa! Here's wishing you the best Father's day ever - a thank you isn't enough for all that you've done for us! We love you! 

Tilly & William Harris, 7 & 4

We love our dad, no dad can ever beat ours!

Bailey Cherry, 12

Dear Dad, I am so blessed that of all the men in the world, you are my dad. When you are around, there’s always lots of laughter.  You are a role model for me and Lucy. I will always look up to you - literally and figuratively! I love you!

Vanshika Grey, 15

Whenever I need help with homework  he's always there. Whenever  I need a friend to talk to, he's always there. And he's not only there for me, but for the church as well. You see he's the pastor so whenever someone has emotional issues or other concerns, they call him. And he answers their calls with a big smile. Lastly, he also talks to a terminally patient who lives in a hostel, and he leads a home group there every week. In conclusion if Superman were real, then he would be a lot like my dad.

Belinda Ng, 17

My father inspires me with his courage. In the face of health problems, he silently endures it all with a smile, and never fails to proved meaningful life lessons. Thank you Dad for all the wisdom and patience, you have taught me so much and guided me through so many challenges whilst facing your own.

Miuccia Chan, 17

I know I don't say it too often but I love you so much. It has got to be tough being the only guy in the house, but you've never let us down. You are always there to make us laugh when no one else can, to keep your head when we lose ours, to support us silently when the tears won't stop. I mess up a lot and that's okay, because I know you'll forgive me. We argue a lot and that's okay too, because even when we yell at each other I still can't help but admire your strength and insight. You've given me everything, shaped me into who I am. Words are too mild to express how I feel, but all you need to know is that I'm proud of who I am today because you are the one who raised me. Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you.

Mana Mehta, 16

Dad, I really am so grateful for all that you have taught me and are continuing to teach me throughout my life. Your unconditional support is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced and I now realise that I will always be your little girl.

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Henriette Wohlschlaeger, 17

Dear Papa, all the best to you for Father’s Day! Although I often seem to be annoyed by you, I don’t know what I’d do without you! I know we tease each other a lot but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the greatest respect for you. I don’t know any other person who cares for, loves and sacrifices as much as you do for Mama, Annika and me. 

Jay Ganglani, 18

Dear Dad, thank you for always being there for me in both the good and bad times. Love you and I hope that I can continue to make you proud.

Regina Cheng, 18

I want to thank my Dad for everything, trivial things such as fixing my computer, to important ones like supporting my decisions in life. It's good to know that someone will always back you up.

Julia Kan, 17

Happy Father's Day! Sorry for not laughing at your puns.