7 last-minute Halloween costumes based on 2018 memes and pop culture that are cheap and easy to make

Karly Cox |

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If you’re still wondering what to wear for pre-Halloween gatherings this weekend, or celebrations on the day itself, here are seven ideas drawn from this year's biggest pop-culture sensations you can easily put together. Bonus: most of these only require a cheap addition to your existing wardrobe. 

Baby Shark

The surprise Youtube hit of the season is the South Korean version of the eminently catchy, and incredibly annoying kids’ song, Baby Shark. If you can’t find a pink- or blue-and-white zigzagged sweater like the one the kids wear in the Pinkfong video, horizontal stripes will do. Pick up a plain white baseball cap and cut “teeth” into the brim, and add an inflatable “rubber ring”. And now, we challenge you not to have the song stuck in your head. All. Day. Long.


The #Dressgate of 2018! Take a plain T-shirt (white is easiest), put a thick piece of card inside, and then use a thick marker pen to write “Yanny” on one side and “Laurel” on the other. The cardboard will keep the pen from leaking onto the other side of the shirt. Insist on having your photo taken with lots of different people, but twist your T-shirt round every time, so that when people are looking through other party-goers’ feeds they’re unsure whether you were there as Yanny or Laurel ...

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Flaunt your wealth

The latest meme from the mainland is all about lying on the ground surrounded by designer goods, in an extremely overt humble brag of how much money you have. It’s been expanded by people staging photos surrounded by (often literally) the tools of their trade, whatever that might be. For an easy (and easily removable once you’re bored) version - and because satire is king - pick up a couple of mini clothes dryers with pegs, and attach cardboard cutouts of obnoxiously overpriced handbags, shoes, sccessories, gadgets, and so on, and then hook them onto your belt hooks. 

Crazy Rich Asians

This film was massive for so many reasons, and not least because of the costumes. You can dress up in your fanciest formal wear to echo the party scenes, or for the most obvious tribute, take inspiration from Awkwafina’s family’s outfits: bold coloured trousers, Hawaiian-cut shirts, and bling, bling, bling. And then some more bling.


In honour of the third season launching on Netflix earlier this month, dressing up as any of the characters is an easy, fun choice – you probably have what you need in your wardrobe. It works even better as a group costume. Betty requires a preppy outfit and high ponytail; for Veronica, slip on a pencil skirt, heels and pearl necklace; both Cheryl and Archie require red-headed wigs; for Josie, don a pair of cat ears; and Jughead calls for a baggy beanie.

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Mario Party

Characters from the Super Mario franchise always make for fun Halloween options, and with the release this month of Mario Party, there’s even more reason to do it. Mario, Luigi and Waluigi basically require dungarees and a drawn-on moustache; channel Princess Peach in a big poofy dress and blond wig; or if you’re artistically inclined, invest in face paints and recreate the iconic looks of Yoshi, Bowser or a Koopa Troopa.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a multiplayer Battle Royale-style game, is not going anywhere anytime soon. Even if you’re not a gamer, you’ll have heard of it. The marketing material also provides hugely recognisable costume inspo: as long as you have a shirt and tie (hello, school uniform), and access to some sort of helmet or VR-style mask, you’re sorted.