Splash-out summer

Zoe Mak

Ocean Park promises the wettest, wildest holiday attractions for the coolest hot summer

Zoe Mak |

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The sprinkle of rain last week has done nothing to tame the fierce summer heat. But, Ocean Park is ready to offer the splashiest, coolest action to make it a wild holiday.

The park has turned its Tai Shue Wan Plaza into a water zone with fun and thrills for everyone.

The highlight of the summer attractions is the world's tallest and longest inflatable slide at 11 metres high and 54 metres long. The gigantic water slide offers a thrilling drop from the top and a long, slippery glide to the end.

This Mega Aqua Slide is the best summer fun for adults who want to cool off after riding the roller coasters and walking around the park. But, youngsters who don't meet the height and weight requirement have the option of choosing the milder seven-metre-high and 28-metre-long Super Slide. There is even a Junior Slide for toddlers who wish to get in on the fun.

Other than the exciting gigantic water slides, visitors can take on sea monsters in the Alien Water Battle nearby.

Visitors are armed with powerful water guns - their mission is to save the park from the scary sea monsters. They become water fighters in the action-packed, 10,000-square-foot area, which is filled with freaky animatronic creatures from the deep and other hidden surprises.

Visitors who prefer milder fun can try out the water fountains and other aquatic activities next to the war zone.

And those who do not want to get too wet can have some splashing fun by visiting the Foam Rave Party for a dance in the foamy pool. Jump in under the disco ball for a bubbly boogie in your swimsuit. This is also a great indoor area to cool down from the heat and spend time with your friends and family if you are not a sun worshipper.

The park is also offering some stunning shows during the holidays.

In the Waterfront area, there is the "Summer Stunt Spectacular". It features renowned stuntmen who dive 24 metres into the water while performing amazing acrobatic moves.

Visitors will see flaming-hot fire dives, nail-biting bungee acts, synchronised spins and somersaults on a trampoline.

Dance lovers should not miss two spectacular shows.

In "Wet' n Wild Rhythms", artists dance to interesting sounds produced by water drums at the Tai Shue Wan Plaza.

Over at the Summit Plaza, professional tap dancers, along with Brazilian martial artists, and hip hop and break dancers, turn up the heat on the coolest aquatic dance battlefield.

The summer attractions at Ocean Park will be available till August 31. Visitors should bring along their swimwear.

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