The Perfect Grade Strike Freedom (model kit)

James Whittle
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Earlier this week, Bandai Hong Kong and its local distributor Daniel & Company unveiled the new Perfect Grade Strike Freedom model kit. It made its debut in Japan only a few days earlier.

This new addition to the Perfect Grade 1/60-scale line-up will be the biggest, both as an unmade kit and completed model, due to the complexity of the kit and the Strike Freedom's eight "Super Dragoons" that give it a wide wing span. The average completed PG model stands well over 30cm tall.

Famed mecha designer Hajime Katoki helped with the design of the Strike Freedom model. Katoki has created most of the popular Gundam mechs of the past 20 years. These include the mechs in Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz and the iconic RX-78 GP03 Dendrobium Orchis mobile weapon.

Like previous PG models, the mech is highly articulated and can take on a wide variety of poses once completed. Bandai has redesigned the internal frame (mech skeleton) with new joints that enable this huge, heavy model to stand on its own two feet once completed, while holding weapons and accessories such as the Super Dragoons.

The first batch of PG Strike Freedoms to be imported to Hong Kong will include an LED display base, where two LED lamps at the front corners of the base act as spotlights that dramatically light up the completed model.

The Perfect Grade Strike Freedom model will be available in early December at Toys "R" Us. No local price has been set yet but expectations are that it will cost about HK$2,385.