Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection (film)

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The greatest Japanese battleship of all time returns in Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection.

The movie is based on the Space Battleship Yamato anime series and movies. The television series originally aired in 1974 and told the story of the new crew of the Yamato. Their mission was to travel to the planet Iscandar to retrieve alien technology that would reverse the poisonous atmosphere that humans had created due to pollution.

Resurrection takes place 17 years after the story of the last film, Final Yamato. Earth is yet again under threat, this time at the hands of a cascading black hole that's headed straight for the planet. Plans are made to evacuate the population to another planet, but the first immigration fleet of 300 million people is totally wiped out by aliens.

Earth's only hope is the newly resurrected Yamato and her captain, Susumu Kodai. Can the legendary battleship repeat history and save humanity?

This riveting movie is filled with incredible space battles against alien armadas and evil inter-dimensional entities. It is the first movie in a planned series of films by Yoshinobu Nishizaki, who won the legal copyright to the Yamato franchise from its creator, Leiji Matsumoto (Galaxy Express 999, Captain Harlock).

The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray earlier this year, so should be available here soon.