10 Subtle Asian Traits memes you'll relate to if you're Asian or TCK

A glance through the Facebook page will have you saying, "that's so me!"

Rhea Mogul |

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If you've been on Facebook at all recently, you've probably come across an incredibly popular page called Subtle Asian Traits. Not only is its content hilarious, it's so relatable if you identify as Asian. Whether you're Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Eurasian, born outside of Asia but ethnically Asian, a TCK ... whatever! You'll find a meme that will have you saying, "oh, yeah." 

From trying to impress our parents to stressing about a test, their posts hit every single one of us who has grown up Asian right in the feels, every single time. 

If you've not checked out the group yet, here are our 10 favourite posts so far. Enjoy and thank us later! 

How we stress about school

How you know a household is Asian

The way our parents encourage us to study hard and get good grades

Do you want me drown dad ? #asian

Posted by Subtle Asian Traits on Saturday, 29 December 2018


When you're a Third Culture Kid

Omg, yes

Because boba is life

Well ... yeah?

Lowkey guilty of this Webtoon: I Love Yoo

Posted by Subtle Asian Traits on Sunday, 18 November 2018

Next level studying

We're sorry if your childhood didn't have this

If you know you know ;)

Posted by Subtle Asian Traits on Wednesday, 21 November 2018


How else does one travel?