19 fun facts you didn't know about the number 19

Karly CoxIris Lee

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019. Here are 19 fun facts you might not have known about the number 19

Karly CoxIris Lee |

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Every number has unique symbolism and significance in many different cultures, activities, religions, and fields. It’s tradition at Young Post to bring these factoids to you every new year. As we ease into 2019, here are 19 interesting facts about the number 19:

1. 19 is the eighth prime number, a number that can only be divided by one and itself.

2. The Chinese game of Go is played on a grid of 19 x 19 lines.

3. 19 is the name of Adele’s 2008 debut album, so named since she was 19 years old at the time.

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4. 19 is the atomic number for the element potassium.

5. In Islam, there are believed to be 19 angels guarding Hell.

6. The tarot card number 19 is The Sun, associated with happiness, self-confidence, and success.

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7. 19 is a centred hexagonal number, meaning that 19 dots can be arranged in a hexagon with a dot in the middle and all other dots surrounding the centre dot.

8. Talk “19 to the dozen” means to talk very quickly, without stopping. The idea is that a fast speaker gets in 19 words whereas the average speaker would utter 12.

9. The 19 propositions were a list of proposals sent to King Charles 1 of England in 1642 by members of parliament asking for a greater share of governing power over the country. The king rejected the propositions, leading to civil war.

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10. 19 is the largest prime number that is palindromic (something that can be read the same backward as forward) in Roman numerals – XIX.

11. British gymnast Ashley Watson set a world record last year, leaping 19ft 3.1 in (5.87m) between parallel bars.

12. 19 is the age of majority in Canada and South Korea.

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13. Internet personalities Gunnar Garfors, Øyvind Djupvikgrunnen, and Pak Tay-yong visited 19 countries in 24 hours, setting a new world record for the most countries visited in one day.

14. The longest non-stop flight in the world, scheduled by Singapore Airlines, takes 19 hours from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey. They call this kind of flying “ultra long haul”, or UHL.


15. In the card game cribbage, there is no way to get a score of 19, so it’s sometimes referred to as “the impossible hand”.

16. The number 19 is significant in many of Stephen King’s books, from the number of letters in names and the date of events in stories, to character room numbers, sums of numbers in codes, and it being a powerful key in the Dark Tower saga.

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17. While a standard golf course has 18 holes, golfers will often talk about going to the “19th hole”, meaning the club house, where they
can celebrate how they played.

18. 19 is the name of a 1985 song by British musician Paul Hardcastle, about US involvement in the Vietnam war and the devastating effects it had, especially on young soldiers, many of whom were reported to be only 19 years old.

19. The moon appears in the same exact position in the sky every 19th year. On March 20, 2019, the moon will appear in the same position in the sky as it did on the same day in 2000 under Denebola – which is the second-brightest star in the zodiac constellation of Leo.

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