Heartbeat 2014: The meaning behind the story

By Bakhita Fung

Storytelling can be an effective tool in teaching children lessons on morality, friendship, and love

By Bakhita Fung |

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Underprivileged kids living in Tung Chung enjoyed a morning of storytelling, handicrafts and dancing in December, organised by the Disney Ambassadors in Hong Kong. The event used stories to teach young children morals. It was held in the Tung Chung Community Hall. 

Alice Kwan, a parent who has been going to the Tung Chung storytelling, handicrafts and dancing event every month for three years, appreciates the work the Disney ambassadors have put in to help her child grow and flourish.

“Even if my child doesn’t remember the story, she still learns the meaning behind the story,” she said during the event. “Sometimes she’ll even repeat the story at home, and that tells me she’s learned something.”

Her seven-year-old daughter, Tiffany, a participant in the event, recalled her favourite stories about friendship and love. “I learned that you don’t need to give material presents to your friends. Instead, the best gift is showing your friendship,” she said with a smile. 

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