From Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness to HK's top teens: 5 posts on social media serving you some inspiration this #MotivationMonday

Okay, so it's not exactly five, but some are in a series, so that counts

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Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to keep your eye, and mind, open to see it. But just in case you're down with a serious case of the Monday blues, here are some beautiful, moving, and encouraging posts on Twitter and Instagram that will hopefully give you a little lift, and motivate you to look inside for the strength you need to kick off your week with positivity and drive.

Bouncing back fierce and with gratitude 

UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, 20, smashed it at the Collegiate Challenge on Saturday, January 12. And, afterwards at the press conference, got courageously emotional about why the day meant so much to her. Seriously, check out her routine, it's absolutely jaw-dropping!



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Hong Kong's top teens


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A dose of self-love

A vocal advocate for being kind to yourself, not letting the trolls get to you, and acknowledging and appreciating that your beauty - both inner and outer - is always going to be a work in progress - and whichever point in your journey you're on, you're Perfect - powerhouse singer-songwriter Pink reminds us to love ourselves today. 

Show up for yourself

From this:

To this:

Bonus: Just keep trying!