How do you write the letter X? The internet is divided - what do people in HK think?

Rhea Mogul |

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The internet can be a holy grail for disputes. Remember #dressgate and Yanny and Laurel? Well, now, Twitter users are at war over how to write the letter "X". 

Considering this is something we likely never give a second thought to, Kasey Ehrgott definitely opened Pandora's Box after she Tweeted a photo depicting a plethora of ways someone can approach writing the letter. 

From her illustrations, there is a grand total of eight different methods, sparking some serious debate amongst internet users. Take a look below: 






What does team YP think? 

Suan Ramsay, Editor: I'm an 8... but seriously who cares?!

Karly Cox, Deputy Editor: Definitely 7, any other way is... you'd have to think really hard about how to even to it, no? I have to stare and stare at the first three to work out how to make that feel natural. What IS 1? (and 2?!!)!!!!

Heidi Yeung, Web Editor: I'm definitely 7, whether I'm marking something or an "x" is part of a word I'm writing. Three to six are just bizarre to me!

Jamie Lam, Special Projects Editor: I use method number 8. Is this like an IQ test or something where I’m supposed to answer creatively to get bonus points? If yes, I answer “X is usually a variable, so it depends. Give me full marks. Thank you.”

Nicole Moraleda, Sub-editor: I'm an 8 most of the time, and a 6 when I'm writing in cursive. I don't think I can trust anyone who does 1-5...

Nicola Chan, Reporter: I'm an 8 too... I thought it was a personality test...

Rhea Mogul, Junior Reporters' Manager: I think I'm an 8... but then again, I do use 7 quite a bit. I feel like I'm having an identity crisis.

Doris Wai, Multimedia Producer: 7 for me. I tried 1 and 2 and they look like kids' scribbles.

Joanne Ma, Reporter: I'm totally an 8!

Ginny Wong, Subeditor: I'm a 7 - there's literally no other way to write an X, and that's that.

Tsui kai-wong, Web Reporter: 7. Left to right. Top to bottom. How else would you write it?

Kelly Fung, Editorial Assistant: I'm 8 too! 

... and our junior reporters? 

Grace Yeung, 16, Sha Tin College: I write 8 normally but in math equations I use 7!

Ally Chan, 17, Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School: Normally 7, but if I’m doing maths or trying to be quick i just write it like a closed bracket and open bracket being back-to-back.

Aadhitya Singh, 17, Delia Memorial School: I normally write 7 even doing maths also because it is quick.

Asawir Fatima, 14, St. Rose of Lima's College: I'm a 7, sometimes 8. 

Mimi Wong, 15, HKMA K S Lo College: I always write 7 but I think the correct one should be 5

Sophia Li, 14, Sha Tin College: I write 7 most of the time, but depending on the previous letter, if I'm writing cursive I sometimes use 8. 

Laura Elizabeth Johnson, 18, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College: I'm a 4, I didn't know that people wrote x differently, I assumed everyone wrote it like me. 

Natasha Ho Jo-wei, 13, Carmel Pak U Secondary School: I usually use 8 since I've been using it since I was little and it became a habit.