Year of the Pig 2019: These pigturesque Instagram accounts get to hog all the likes

Add a dose cute to your feed this Lunar New Year

Veronica Lin |

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Unlike puppies and kittens, pigs aren't usually people's automatic choice when they're considering a pet. Then again, with pigs growing up to a whooping 600-pound, that's maybe undestandable in a city like Hong Kong! 

So here are nine Instagram pigs you can follow instead:


Dubbed the "ultimate travelling pig", Christopher the Pig has probably been to more countries than most of us. From having his own manager to getting spoon-fed delicious poké whilst staying in the presidential suite in Québéc, Christopher's extravagant lifestyle will give even the Kardashians a run for their money. 

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Just look at that face! Lord Hamilton is the definition of cuteness. This emotional support piglet has been healing the world one post at a time since 2015. He was even a wingman once, and helped someone ask his date to go to prom with him.  And guess what? She said yes!


A delicious breakfast meat derived from pigs may seem like an unlikely name for a pet pig, but don't worry, Bacon is destined to be loved, not for the breakfast table.


This Californian piglet loves to sunbathe and has the looks of both a panda and a fluffy pomeranian. Pickles even has a bestie who's a puppy, and the road trips they go on are enviable.


As the mastermind behind the eponymous New York Times best-selling novel, Esther The Wonder Pig is arguably one of the most famous pigs on Pigstagram at the moment. She has close to half a million followers!

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To be, or not to be ... adorable?? Okay, who rocks blue locks better? Katy Perry or Hamlet? (We say Hamlet.) Not only is this little piggy a fashion plate ... erm, wait. No. not only is this piggy a fashionista, Hamlet's also a fan of reality TV shows such as The Bachelor and The Real Housewives.


Who says a Frenchie can’t be stand-in mum for these adorable piglets? While their mother’s away, these hungry piglets jumped at the chance to get some extra milk from their neighbor, Keeva the Frenchie.


Five adorable pigs, a pug, and a bubble bath. 'Nuff said.


There's seriously no one else who could make falling asleep in an empty can of beans look this adorable. This piglet is just one of the many rescue animals living on an organic farm in Texas.