Friends are forever

While you are trying to achieve your dreams, lean on the people around you and who care about you instead of trying to take on everything yourself


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I decided to shoot a video about friendship to remind others to cherish their loves ones.

During the “Make A Video” competition, I started to doubt myself after facing numerous challenges and failures. “I am not very capable, should I give up?” I asked myself. I had problems shooting the video and building the story. I was very confused and almost quit. Yet the unfortunate experience soon became a blessing.

At such a critical moment, I received support from my friends who cheered me up and helped boost my self-confidence. I had many ups and downs and I felt messed up, so it was great to have people who trusted my abilities to make me feel better. That’s when I decided to shoot a video about friendship. It would remind others to cherish those who support them, too.

In the video, the main character is a girl who focuses only on her studies while neglecting people around her. She feels lonelier as the days go by, until one day, she suddenly realises that one of her friends has been quietly supporting her all along. She then looks at a group photo, and sees all of her friends who have stood by her during difficult times.

You are probably working hard to achieve your dreams, too. Have you ever stopped to think about the people who love and care for you? Remember, they are here for you – always.

Unicef HK’s “Make A Video” competition gives young people a chance to express themselves. The project is co-organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s IFVA, with support from Hang Seng Bank and Young Post. Check out the videos here. Email your feedback here.